Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Malcolm's song....

I last saw you
frowning and angry
with the whole world
flicking those damned elastic bands
and I wish now
I had made you smile
just one more time
but then
I thought we had forever
to sort it out
to grow up
to become friends
instead of that
you went and died
and I was left with this echo of you
that still sounds somewhere in my soul
through all of this time past
and I hope you know
where it is you are
I loved you
as best as I could
for a trouble child
that the gift you left me
this girl we made
is beautiful
like we were once
in all of our ignorant

I know I said no more today, but hey
it's my blog :)
Read below for a real post....


Strawberry Girl said...

This little post of life and death is beautiful. Thanks for breaking your own rule...

Jen said...

you made me cry

that is absolutely beautiful


Michelle said...

I wanted to write Tahni's father something beautiful...he was worth more than just anger and sadness.


Lisa said...

its obvious what he main role in life was- to be the father of that extremely special child - i think he would be very proud xx

Natalie said...

She sure is a gift.....a very precious girl.xx♥

christopher said...

Michelle, don't ask me to explain this one - words just forced more words.

Predator Words

The northern sun sits
high above the horizon
of auroral dreams,
dreams of the long way
home, of singular bare trees,
dry and hot, leafless,
dying or just dead.
In the wild of my long life
around the corner
there lurk predator
words that ache for expression,
aching for the truth.

Michelle said...

I like that Christopher, I like it a lot, no explanation necessary :)

Aching for truth happens a lot around here xxx