Friday, July 24, 2009


The world feels very quiet today......

My mother needs to go to hospital, she is very sick with this whatever it is

I think she needs a blood transfusion

She thinks she's not going anywhere

I think she will fall over soon and then the ambulance might take her to hospital

I also think that sick people should be able to get a blood test in their own home if they can't move out of their own way, and that even this hole should have a doctor who does home visits when one lives 50 minutes away from the hospital

AND that care co ordinators should check their messages every hour or so instead of leaving sick people's carers hanging all day long not knowing what to do......

That's what I think

but what the fuck would I know



Sarah Lulu said...

Ohhh darling girl I'm sorry today is such a struggle.

Sending love and light and prayers.

I am ..truly. You are doing SUCH a great job at life ..

Breathe ...let it unfold ...don't try to force anything.

Sarah Lulu

linda said...

michelle, I am so sorry to read she's having such a hard time and thus, are you....has the sister gone home?

sending a few prayers and good energy out for you over there that things will calm down and you will get some help with all's sounding worse and worse, which I suppose was going to happen but I was starting to think maybe she was going to get off easy...guess not... :(

and I know of not ONE doc who makes a house call....sadly....ambulances are the only way to get it fast and horribly uncomfortably as well...don't recommend them unless you are dying... which I was ;)

take care of you too...

Natalie said...

Oh, horrible. Poor little mum. Poor little you. :(

Strawberry Girl said...

Sending some prayers out to you.



Myst_72 said...

I'm so sorry Michelle.
You must feel so frustrated.
And yes, surely there must be a service for in home blood tests.

Thinking of you,


bARE-eYED sUN said...

hugs, Michelle. :-0

we just went through similar with our own, understand your stress.

hang in, love.

hugs from NY.


Anonymous said...

Oh Michelle this post makes me feel both sad and angry - sad for your Mum and the discomfort she is being forced to go through. Sad for you because the cancer journey effects caregivers as much as it does th patient. Sad for the state of the world when governments do not invest more money into healthcare.

Angry because fucking governments do not invest more money into health care! Pisses me off!

Sending love and hugs to you and your Mum.

christopher said...

there is no question that in one way or another so many of us share your trouble, coming from experiences of our own.

Me too.


I've been lurking but between your joy of yesterday and your pain of today, I couldn't stop myself despite my vow to let it all alone.

(Not you personally but the blogs in general)

The up and down of it gives me the reminder of the white horse story, where a wild white horse arrives unbidden in the pasture of a farmer, a magnificent creature obviously valuable both in himself and as a sire. The farmer replies to those who ask after his good fortune that he doesn't really know if this is good fortune or bad but he accepts and adjusts. Then his son tries to break the horse and the horse throws him. The son's leg is crushed and he is laid up crippled for a long time. The farmer replies to those who ask after his bad fortune precisely the same way, that he doesn't know bad from good in this. The disaster of war befalls this country and there is universal conscription. The farmer's son is still laid up and is given a pass. Good fortune, surely. Again the reply. The horse escapes. Disaster. Same reply. The horse returns with his herd. And so on and on, demonstrating the yin and yang of things, just as your last two posts do.

Love you girl. I am happy for you that the waiting seems to be over. I love those times in my life when it feels things are going to move. We don't know if this is good or bad but that we must adjust. There is nothing more to do in the stream of things except practice.

Kerry said...

hmmm....that would frustrate the living shit out of me. First of all, i don't know of any pathology service that doesn't do home visits. So whats the problem there. Have you not been given this information, or are people saying they don't go up your way? Will look into that more for you on Monday just for future reference.

As for care coordinators.

Being one myself. It is totally NOT appropriate for them to leave you hanging like that. GRRRRRRRRRRRR....

Hoping your mum doesn't fall, and starts to feel a little better again soon.

huggles to you.

Michelle said...

Thanks guys.


Daria said...

Very frustrating ... sending you and your mom lots of hugs and love.

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