Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I could probably be a bit more specific :)

Chemo education appointment was for 2.00 pm

We got in to see a DVD for 25 mins at 3.30 pm'

Then we waited for half an hour for an extremely harried chemo nurse to come throw some information at us and at 4.15 we were done.

Apparently 2 nurses were out sick and chaos had ensued all day at the chemo palace. Also all the Monday chemo people have to have their blood tests at the hospital and the pathology lab went down for the morning so people booked in for 9 am were getting treatment at 1 pm.......argh it was.

AND the lovely DVD was full of nice positive people talking all about how chemo was giving them a chance to live. Isn't that nice for a Stage 4 patient who is going to die to watch, hmmmm.

And then today was chaos

The modem in the office died overnight so no internet

Excellent for business

Twas eventually found to be a dead power cord so was not too much of a drama but it took 2 hours of interaction with Telstra to find out nothing and one visit from the funny little computer man up the road (and $20) to fix in 5 minutes.......grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Intersperse that with all the rest of the crap that happens in the orifice and my day pretty much sucked.

Oh well, I have come home to a schmick clean house thanks to the K child and a dog who has eaten nothing but dog food for a couple of days so I'm happy

Sort of.....



Natalie said...

Sorry, about that. Love to you. I will clean and organise your house when Haylie goes to Daycare, next year.Promise.

Sarah Lulu said...

Start the day over from this moment.

Lisa said...

so, you would think they would have different dvds for different types of chemo and different stages-grrr tooo......

Anonymous said...

Your life is too full on for me ...I cant keep up with my own.w.w.

nollyposh said...

ooohhhh (((hugz))) xox

Jen said...

Its days like these that God created M&M's.

Hugs to you and mum


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Typical Monday, huh? Hope today is better! :-)

Daria said...

As usual ... you have a busy life.

Damn computers ... so frustrating when they don't work ... lucky it was just a power cord.

Anonymous said...

Oh man - that IS a crappy chemo day! Good point about the video! It's funny - they have a need to diminish the "chemo fear" of new patients, but they glom everyone together. I hadn't thought about the negative impact of this before!

As for your computer story - I can SO relate! I almost panic every time something goes wrong with my "technological" stuff - I have no clue as to where to even begin looking to correct the problem!

Hope you have a better day today!!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Oh, Michelle, I am sorry -- how frustrating! ((HUG)))

Renee said...

It is very hard for a person with stage 4 to watch them tell you how it has cured them, when you know that is not in your cards.

It doesn't allow you to relate.

Any questions you might have please ask.

Make sure you get the prescription for the nausea pills. I took kytril.

Love Renee xoxo

Kathleen said...


Snowbrush said...

"Happy...sort of."

Close enough, perhaps.

Anonymous said...
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Butler and Bagman said...

Whew...sounds like a day and a half. I've been missing you. Of course, I'm the one who hasn't been around.