Thursday, April 30, 2009

The day that time forgot.....

This was a drawing from art school.....he looks like I feel :)


Thank god that's over

Day from hell indeedy

Month end

Banking that wouldn't balance

Urgent submissions that needed submissing (:) urgently simultaneously with crooked banking and month ends and other such crap

Blood tests that needed doing during month ends

Mothers who are VERY constipated and feeling like shit (no pun intended) needing to do urgent submissing and month ends because they are too stubborn to let their daughters do the final bank EFT they sit there groaning away looking like death and making daughters feel guilty

Crap everywhere in monthendingsubmissingorifices

Chemo to do tomorrow ....... poor mum is not looking forward to it and is making noises about not 'doing this shit if it feels like this all the time'....she will though, at least twice, until they know if it is working or not.

Poor mama.

You see what I mean?????


Must get to gratitude


I am grateful that today is over and that Tahni will be in the office tomorrow and will stuff all those statements into envelopes instead of me :)

I am grateful that Shelli has been to school 2 days in a row and is not dragging her arse around looking like someone stole her dog

I am grateful for my bed that is warm and waiting with no bastard in it so I can snore if I want to!

That will do



Butler and Bagman said...

I hope the instructor gave you an A for the drawing. Kind of tragic, but nice work. Bagman says he doesn't mind snoring in the least. Hope your days get better.

Chrisy said...

Great drawing...particularly love the hair...makes me want to reach out and touch know you can make the most horrible day sound quite entertaining!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Your mom is lucky to have such a considerate caregiver. Just let her grumpy roll off your back. She'll have those days. The hardest part of your situation (I've been there) is getting over the frustration of having to "parent the parent", you know what I mean? It feels out of sorts to have to make your own mom do something for her own good, but you must. Hope the bed was super comfy!

Faith said...

Hope things are better now. Warm beds can do a world of good:)

Anonymous said...

Big hugs to you! And to your Mum! And to Tahni for taking over tomorrow. And to Ms Shelli for going to school!

You had it right - chemo constipation IS the shits!

Renee said...

Michelle when I saw the picture and that is how you feel I was laughing my head off. You have your sense of humour.

Yes, chemo can make your Mom feel like that. Make sure they tell you the names of the best stool softeners. You poor Mom.

I can't believe they can tell her after two treatments whether it is working.

Here they do it for 4 months and then assess the situation.

Yeah Sheli is in school.

Love you. Renee xoxo

Daria said...

I use Senekot S for the constipation every chemo cycle ... the constipation is cause by the Zofran (anti-nasuea) ... for me anyways.

linda said...

dear michelle, you have so much on your plate right now...cut some slack for YOU if you can?

zofran is a miracle for nausea of the chemo kind...get her some if you can...
WHY DOESN'T SHE HAVE SOMETHING ALREADY, system stinks all over the world apparently...

take good care of you, sweets..

Renee said...

You are right, I am going to strangle you just like your Mom would if she wasn't on chemo.

And don't give me 'that you know bulshit.'

Your blood is low and has to be checked when you go in.

Okay, xoxoxo

Love Renee

Michelle said...

She has an anti nausea drug...Maxalon is what they use is working I think but she still feels like shit because of the constipation. I will get her some stool softener today, though she has been taking some other stuff, she has had poo problems since the surgery last year so it is an ongoing thing grrrrr

Lisa said...

lunch on Monday you say ???
that is DO-ABLE
here or there
YES I have your farking b/day gift and a folder from John- do you have my b/day gift ???
money is fine, honestly xxx

jewell said...

love to you and your mum