Wednesday, April 01, 2009

a little more

Hello friends

This is my son Joshua, who is in Germany.

I am blessed did you know?

I have received several emails and a parcel from 'strangers' today and yesterday that have lifted my spirits indeed.

It is amazing you know, that here in my house in my little suburb in Australia I can be truly touched by the generosity of people who, though I have never 'met' them, probably know me better in some ways than many whom I do know physically.

Thank you to those of you who have reached out today.

You made a difference!

I have been to the doctor and I do have an infected something in my pelvic area. Something she touched hurt like hell and I feel like shit.

She has tested for a UTI and I am started on an appropriate antibiotic. If it's not that then I will have to go have an ultra sound in a couple of days. I KNEW IT.......grrrrrrrrrrr

Actually, this local doctor is an idiot (seriously, every time I see her she gives me something that makes me sick, today she gave me a script for penicillin which I am allergic to, which I told her the other day, lucky the chemist is smart) and my usual GP is away so if I don't feel any better by tomorrow I will take me to the hospital I think. Better safe than sorry. I need to be well, I have things to bloody do!

Anyway, Tahni, who was due to go to Sydney tonight to do an exam tomorrow, is now staying home so I can stay home, poor kid. I don't want her driving in this rain anyway so it's a good thing really.

That's about it on the home front today. Shelli is home from school (again) and seems a bit brighter. We have an appointment next week with her counselor, who thinks she is probably reacting to all this stress and should be able to get through it. I think that, lovely though her counselor is, she doesn't seem to be doing it for Shelli and it might be time to try someone else. We will see, if I think she is in danger I will take her back to Nexus, though I don't think that is the answer either. But it is safe there. Sort of.

Anyway, that is all. It's still raining here, looks like it will be here for a while.

At least it's not snowing :0)


Natalie said...

Cute Boy!
Oh yeah! and those "strangers" haven't pulled you back when you wanted to go out with the WHOLE footy team, and pulled your hair hair out of your mouth when you were throwing up, and when you took your clothes off in the middle of the main street.


Well yeah, now that you mention it .. I didn't either. But I WOULD HAVE! if you had asked me. :D

nollyposh said...

oh pOOr thing... well you did know SoMeThInG was amiSS! i hope things settle for you sOOn... sheesh or you might EXPLODE! and BTW you lOOk WAY tOO young for that son of yours but geez he lOOks like you! xox

Lisa said...

seending love to you and your dodgy day when it stops raining and yous top paining we will eat lunch and laugh and cry like we used to- until then, i love you muchly....................and yes the overwhelming generosity of strangers does amazing things to you, dont you think.

But i am still your befri ??? arent I ????

Daria said...

Please do take care of that infection ... any infection can be dangerous if it isn't taken care of.

Perhaps with the rain things will slow down for you ... please take advantage of that and rest.

Yes we had snow here yesterday but it was more like sleet ... snow and rain mixed.

Anonymous said...

OK...girl, your son is GORGEOUS! What a lovely young man!

Watch with the antibiotics they gave you...I was originally on the wrong one for my UTI. My doctor, whom I adore, put me on a fairly expensive one to start with. Lucky for me, she had asked the lab to do a culture on the specimen - turned out the expensive anitbiotic was ineffective for my strain of infection - ended up with a cheap one that did the trick.

Re: your Mom...check out the laws in Aus. Another story that I heard was that smokers in Senior complexes were getting very aggressive with nursing staff who refused to take them out of doors. I had no idea how bad it was! I am not a smoker but I do believe people have a right to do whatever to their bodies.

Paula and Skip said...

HI, hope you feel better soon. Paula

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Hi Michelle! I sure hope you're feeling better and SOON!
Sorry you're having to deal with this pain :(
p.s. Very handsome son you have there!

Debbie said...

Goodness. I have been out of the loop with all of my blogs and I have missed reading you. I am so sorry you are feeling bad and I hope this gets resolved very fast.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Yes, I think if you still feel poorly tomorrow, go to the hospital. The doc you're seeing now doesn't seem to be helping - at all!

Very handsome boy you have there!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Oh, he's cute *smiling*

Maybe what you need is a healing smooth creek rock from the ancient mountains (we have some of the oldest mountains in the world) here at Killian Knob....I can mail one to you, and a buckeye ...some say the buckeye is good luck, some say put it in your pocket for arthritis pain.... I like the ones with little indentions wher eyou can rub your thumb ....

How awful to feel so bad, but how wonderful to have the support and love from your cyber friends *smiling*

The Tall Red Head said...

OMG~~~ I can leave a comment!!!

Your son is a little bit cute there!! Then again, so is your brother. Good Genes in your family.

Hope you are feeeling better soon and that you get this infection sorted out. Nothing worse than a pelvic infection.

Maybe it will do good to find another counsellor for Shelli, it is your right to look around and find the best one for her anyway.

I can't believe I can leave comments!! I am off to comment on a heap of other blogs now!

Lots of love to you x0x0x

Renee said...

I am glad that it appears to be a better day Michelle.

Take them while you can get them.

Hopefully they can clear up that blood infection.

And what a handsome son you have.


Love Renee xoxo

Strawberry Girl said...

Hope you feel better soon...