Wednesday, April 08, 2009


First things first...anyone in need of a good pee yourself laugh go see Lisa RIGHT NOW

Soooooo funny!

On to my drivel

I hate today

Counselling with Shelli....all good, we are going to get a new one, set in motion

Psychiatrist appointment tomorrow to review meds

Fine fine fine

Was in the office all morning

Into town, first long drive since op, was ok

Went to MAUL, as Lisa calls it, to pick up layby with 15 year old manipulation QUEEN

Spent too much money on things that weren't in the layby


Did not kick dogs head off.....due to extreme self control and post op scar tissue and the pressing need for me to keep my guts in my gut and not...oh well, you know, not in there

Have not spoken to dog since and will not ever again

See curtains in pic below......imagine now in several shreds with rail pulled out and on the floor


Now I am in a filthy mood and am very tired and my mother and daughter got to Byron alright so that's great and wonderful and I am eating dinner because I am STARVING to death and GOING TO BED!


Will my stomach ever look normal again??? Am I destined to have an overhang and strange puffy bits forever?? Tell me it goes away please.....TELL MEEEEEEEEE


Chez said...

Ouch! Feel your frustrations jumping out at me.
I could not cope with the dog and the damage. Lots of empathy for you there!
As far as returning to normal Post op. Sorry, don't have the answer to that.
Love, love your paintings xoxo
Maybe painting will be the 'cure all'

Natalie said...

Oh dear, bastard creature of the dog variety. I was just enjoying those curtains this fine morning too!

Don't know anything about scar stuff, but will send lots of loving your scar's way, if that will help at all.xx♥

Anonymous said...

Oh Man! What a crappy day! Well, the good news can only go uphill!
I think if that were my dog, s/he would be off to a new home! Aaargh is right!
Hope things go well for Shelli this time around.

Cyndy said...

Ok. Imagine this is in the smallest, whispering print that there could be... I'm so sorry that the bastard puppy son decided to mess up your lovely lounge-room... he must have thought that it wasn't messy enough.......
Bloody, bloody....

And I'm also sorry re the puffy overhang; I have no answers except that the swelling will subside, but I don't know by how much. If it's any consolation, I've got a verandah with it's own bullnose, I I've never had by bits ripped out.... just weighed a wee bit too much at times....

Lisa said...

friggin hound !!! how very naughty is hee hee.whoops, i mean, for your tummy, did the psych appointment go ?

Daria said...

Never a dull moment ....

nollyposh said...

Ohhhhh (((hug))) BAD DOGGY!!!
Well at least you're getting some time to yourself? With mum and daughter away for a bit? x

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I think I'd be shopping around for a new home for the dog. (not really, but I'd feel like that). That would make me so angry!

Renee said...

If you stomach does not have an overhand then it is not normal. I am proud to say that my overhand is to mid-thigh.

You sound like you are ready to kick some ass.

Love Renee xoxo

Renee said...

Michelle I love to hear the family point of view. I need to hear it as a matter of fact.

How is Shelly doing?

Love Renee xoxo

Renee said...

I know that we are all so different, but I am listening to what you have to say. I appreciate it as a matter of fact.

Love Renee xoxo

jewell said...

poor you....very bad doggy!!!! try spraying a mixure of white vingaer and chilli around the room, dogs hate those smells makes thier nose itch

doesn't leave a mark either

Strawberry Girl said...

Yeah Lisa's post is a blast!!

I feel your pain, and the scar will probly go away...

Note to self - When daughter gets that age, avoid Maul...

Hugs Michelle!! :}