Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The day after yesterday

Feeling a bit better today

Have put my wading through the shit goggles back on

Thank you for caring people :)

I also think I may be a bit unwell, am going to the quack again this afternoon to try a different antibiotic and get tested for a UTI...something is belly (under my navel) is tender and swollen and I don't feel 100% so poo to that......stupid nurse at the hospital didn't take all the water out when removing my catheter (yes ouch) and maybe that has created a problem???

Can't know.

Am home today anyway, and going back to bed.


Wild winds and rain here yesterday and last night and it's still wet and miserable today, though the sun is trying to peek through.


nollyposh said...

The weather reflecting pOOr yOu (((hugz))) x

Lisa said...

see you tomorrow xx

Renee said...

Wading through the shit goggles; where can I buy a pair?

I am thinking of you and wishing only good good thoughts to reach you.

And yes I read all the Dune books and I loved them. Do you remember that fat disgusting guy they would hook up. Yuck.

I love sci fi and fantasy.

Love Renee xoxo

Natalie said...

Stupid nurse type dude! Take it easy, rainy days are the most fun days to lounge and read. :Dxx♥

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I hope you get some good rest and get to the bottom of your health issue. Sending sunshine vibes your way!

Anonymous said...

Yes...DO get tested for a UTI..very common to have them after surgery/catheters! I had one while on chemo - sent me into E.R. Not fun!

Glad that today is somewhat better for you. Keep thinking of you and Shellibaby. Hope that all is well.

Chrisy said...

Yes you need to go back to doc as something is obviously amiss...take care...and don't forget the nose clip to go with those wading through the shit goggles...

Daria said...

We need you girl so make sure that doctor gets you strong and healthy.

I know you have a busy schedule taking care of others but do think of yourself and get some rest.