Monday, April 20, 2009


6.33 am

Grrrrrrr been up since 4.30....yawn

Spent yesterday up a ladder tidying up messy painting at Daniel's house

Paid for that with aches and pains last night

Today mum and I go in for 'chemo training' whatever the hell that is.....

Friday she starts chemo

She is not the most positive person just now

Oh well, can't say I blame her

It's pouring down rain here

Soggy, bit cold, here comes winter....yuk

Must go do the day

ho friggen hum de dum


Daria said...

I feel for your mom ... wouldn't wish it on anyone. Some chemo's aren't tough at all ... so I pray she gets one of those.

Michelle said...

They say this is one of the easier ones...hopefully they are right

Jen said...

Poor mum. Sending healing her way.

Look after you.


Butler and Bagman said...

I feel for your mum...feel for you too. Care givers usually don't get as much sympathy but need it too. And get some sleep. I'm into writers and photographers block...but maybe will get a few things out next week.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...chemo education! I remember it well! In my situation, there were about 30 of us a room learning the ins and outs of chemo from a nurse. It was actually a really good session - they told us likely side effects and they provided us with a letter that we were to carry with us at all times, in case we ended up in emergency with a fever. The letter stated that we were chemo patients, and outlined what kind of antibiotic we could be given. My session lasted just over an hour, and I found it to be really quite good. Hope your Mom's is like that.

I agree with BB - caregivers often have it worse than the patient. Make sure that you are taking time to do nice things for yourself.


nollyposh said...

Well at least you didn't kill tha dog X;-)

(i think?)


Snowbrush said...

Good luck with that there Monday morning day.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm sorry your mom has to go through this, but she has you - you're a good daughter. :-) And here we are, in the US, waiting on Spring to get here (it's been unusually cool and overcast for Spring).

Lisa said...

so the hound lives i take it ?
chemo training sounds intriguing- poor you, poor mum, sending love- its all i have left xx

blognut said...

Hang in there :)

Chrisy said...

Take care honey...I've just finished reading an article,Sickness and the Art of Healing by Adrienne Eberhard in Meanjin Vol 68 No 1 2009 and thought I'd share a bit...hope this isn't too long...."When you are sick, you become a different person. Something like a moth slipping out of its chrysalis, only without the moth’s capacity for reinvention through the intoxication of flight. There is a shrugging off. A slipping away. Like a boat loosening its mooring ropes and leaving harbour. It is a setting out, only without the provisioning and planning that would usually prefigure such a voyage. You are al at sea. It’s a lot like falling down a well. Sudden, irrevocable, terrifying. And very dark. There might be people to help you, only they are a very long way away. Back on the surface to be precise, while you are floundering deep in a shaft in the earth. Wet as well. Perhaps the most difficult thing of all is the ability to communicat.e shout all you like but people hear different things: an echo, a sound like a stone dropping, the swoop of black wings, a scream. They are probably not even certain you are down there. When they know for sure that it’s you, and that you are stuck thirty feet down, they’ll shout and lower ropes, when all you want is for one of them to climb down and join you. To know exactly what it’s like in the deepness and dark. To share it with you, take on part of the burden. Instead there’s this rope dangling in front of you in the pitch black, there’s the confused noise of their attempts to talk, there’s the dizzy patch of light so far away, and your slippery feet and hands trying to haul you there. If the people on the surface are thoughtful, they might lower you a light, find an interpreter, send a basket full of food. Maybe there’ll even be a torch and a message you can read and understand...."

Renee said...

Michelle, please send your Mom my love and let her know she can do this.

It buys us more time and that is what we want.

Love Renee xoxo