Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday blahblah

Mum and my nephew, Breock.

After not sleeping till 1 am last night, due to being over tired I guess, I am now officially a zombie.

I have lurched my way through the day, eaten Garlic Prawn Pizza and am now having a cup of tea

The house is almost silent

The girls are in their rooms doing girl things

The dog is somewhere doing dog things

Mum is still feeling okay. A bit naseaus (?) but nothing drastic. I think her fear of the chemo has been conquered :) and so she is a lot more relaxed. And not in much pain either strangely enough. Something has shifted in her somehow.

I will catch up tomorrow, not that life will be much different

My bed is calling me


Anonymous said...

Michelle, what beautiful news to know your mum is feeling better and not to effected in a bad way by the chemo. I so much hope for many, many days like this.
You do Zombie so well, you feel totally drained but you still care so very much to come onto your blog and share your life with us. Your such an amazing lady!
Love the photo of your mum and nephew, what a beautiful moment!

I have decided to keep to one line on my noses and hopefully this will mend the upset!

Love and blessings!

Dave King said...

That post is almost a poem. There is certainly poetry there for the taking.

Chrisy said...

Beautiful photo. Hope you're in a deep sleep having lovely dreams.

Sarah Lulu said...

That is SUCH a gorgeous photo.

All will be well.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Self-Proclaimed Mistress of Nothing said...

Garlic Prawn Pizza? Is that what I think it is? Oh, geez... that sounds good. Alas, no carbs for me right now. Sigh... so I dream...

You said that you felt something shifted inside of your mother. I'm curious about your observations. Care to elaborate? ~♥~

Anonymous said...

Your Mom looks lovely!
Yes, I found that I was SO afraid of chemo - I remembered hearing horror stories about it. But once I got in the room, and on the bed - it wasn't bad at all. In fact, I used my "chemo time" to chat with others, read a book, have a nap - it became ALMOST a place of solitude. I hope that your Mom experiences it the same way.
And I hope you get some badly needed rest!

Faith said...

Rest well, dear Michelle. I am glad your mom is doing well on the chemo. The picture up above is wonderful. Thinking of you :)

Renee said...

Michelle that is so great. About your Mom I mean. She probably will not feel sick if she hasn't already.

Just remember though that 7 to 14 days after her treatment is when her immune system is at its lowest so for her to stay away from anyone that is sick and double washing of the hands for everyone.

By the way your family is absolutely gorgeous.

You, your kids, your nephew, your Mom.....

What a beautiful looking family.

Love Renee xoxox

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Your nephew is a doll! Glad your mother is feeling ok♥ Sleep well.

Michelle said...

I suppose when I say shifted I mean that she seems more, not at peace, but maybe accepting of it all. She has been so frightened and still is but its like the fear has moved away a bit. In her mind the chemo was the ultimate boogie man and now she has done it and it wasn't too bad.
That may change but for now she is feeling better and seeming not so 'stricken', if that makes sense :)

Daria said...

That is a beautiful picture and I'm so glad your mum is handling chemo so well ... she really does look great.

Please give her a hug for me ...

christopher said...

Michelle, How are you now? I remember you had a bit of business too. Taking care of your Mum is surely a lot of work even if you like it, but you can't like all of it...

I am missing you over at the view.