Friday, April 17, 2009

Frikday at the orifice

Thinking of starting my own version of Friday Shootout!

It will be known as Friday And Every Other Day Tenant Shot In The Arse Day!

FAEODTSITAD for short.....snort

Please come to Lemon tree Passage and join me...all you need is a big gun with soft bullets and I will give you free range and take photos!


Or for all my junky tenants...Friday Shootupthedaybeforerentday!

Or ummmmmm oh shut up Michelle!

Someone could get killed!

Yes well, so that is how my day has been

I am now going to eat a lot and go to bed

I have a book that's waiting to be read

My life is so thrilling

BTW....I spoke some more to mum about Palliative Care and its PAIN AND SYMPTOM MANAGEMENT qualities and she has agreed that it may well be wise.

Thank god for that.

She is feeling better today after sleeping all day yesterday....

Goodnight, even if it is only 6 pm!

Oh yes, today the dog ate a loaf of bread and a full toilet roll. He is such a clever boy!


jewell said...

Good to hear that your mum is looking at the idea of palliative care...i know my mum said it really help her and Dad when his pain got bad.

your little black pup is so advanced

Jen said...

well that will save the hassle of wiping afterwards I guess......

Will come to some shoot tenants day for sure. Just let me know when. At least I would get to see you !!


Anonymous said...

What a HILARIOUS post,Michelle. Just so you know, I have loaded up my arsenol of soft bullet weapons, purchased an airline ticket for a flight scheduled to arrive late Thursday night, and will be posted outside of the office EARLY Friday morning to aid you in gettin' rid of those varmits (is that a word?)

Glad to hear about your Mom!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Did he at least get the bread out of the baggie first? I can't even imagine what his poops will be like! LOL. Glad that your mom has agreed to the pain management at least! It's a start.

mo.stoneskin said...

You'll really give us range to shoot?

I envy you, I need a good book to read. Or maybe I just need to get off the blogosphere for a few minutes...

Self-Proclaimed Mistress of Nothing said...

Ummm... does that dog, by chance, also eat possessions owned by ex-husbands? Because I have a HUGE television in my living room, a ping pong table on my back patio, and numerous items (including a bear skin and deer antlers) in my garage that have been here for over a YEAR now. Hey... it doesn't hurt to ask.=)

No, no doctor for me. Just a tea mixture for tension, bubble baths when I can motivate myself to get in one, and the spa out back. I'm thinking that at least one of my children needs to become a massage therapist. Yeah... that would be most excellent.

Oh... I have a big gun but I'm afraid I'm short on soft bullets. Darn! You be careful over there -- we don't need you getting in the line of fire and ending up bruised and sore. LOL

Take care of YOU! ~♥~

Cyndy said...

So now you have the anticapation of what you little man's doggie doo looks like: it must always be interesting... and you say your life is boring...

Re the friday f*wits...It probably wouldn't be as much fun, but you could talk to the RAAF base about a we drop of gas or somethng for their target practice.

And I am so relieved that your mum has at least agreed to discuss Pall care options: it's not a passive approach: it's being pro-active in her own on-going disease management. An the easier it is to live her life, the better. And it really is about LIVING, not dying.

Only a couple of weeks before I'm coming to visit: make sure you have the kettle on, Arty Farty!

Strawberry Girl said...

Like the idea, can I have a soft dart gun as well, we can all form a squadron of soft dart shooters and shoot at random people as they pass. Muwahahaha!!

I hope the pain management thing works out... :D

(and your dog gets sorted out after eatting bread and toilet paper, yikes!! What a full day!)

Strawberry Girl said...

(Audrey, better look out for unimaginative security guards at the airport...)