Thursday, April 23, 2009

I don't have an interesting title in me.....

The dog ate the lap top cord :(

This means I now have the PC spread out on my table pretending to be a laptop until the funny little computer man buys me a new cord at the computer fair on Sunday....

Is it illegal to de tooth your dog???

I would still feed him...mush and stuff.....grrrr

I don't blame the dog...people who know dogs are going through chewing frenzies should not leave things they don't want chewed where the dog can get them....all this means is I need to put the whole house on a high bench top right???

Except that he is just tall enough to pull things off the edges of the benches too....hence loaf of bread earlier in the week, or was that last week???? Arghhhhhhhhhh

I am very tired

Still...... yes I will take some iron tablets Renee

Mum cried today because the blood test lady was nice to her while sticking sharp things in her only twice

She is stressed out and terrified of chemo, of dying, of everything really.

I wish I knew a way to make it easier for her.

It is hard.

On a bright note, I have received a beautiful bound book of 'my' Curlicursive story from John in England, how cool is that!

He is a lovely man and has also written a story for my Shelli and is writing one for my Kayla too.

Sometimes you meet people you will probably never lay eyes on and they make a difference to your life. I have met several of you on here and I appreciate each of you.

I also, through this blog, have received some wonderfully supportive emails.

It is nice, beyond nice, to know people care out there and that the world is not such a cold unfeeling place as we sometimes perceive it to be.

It is full of 'nice' stuff too.

It's all about balance I suppose.


jewell said...

try wetting a towell and putting it in the frezzer then give it to the dog..coz it helps them..they go through teething the same as babies

Sarah Lulu said...

You are doing a wonderful job at what we call ...LIFE.

Yes you are.

Natalie said...

Deary me. Hugs.xx♥

P.s. I have tagged you for a Meme, if you wanna play? Take your mind of things for a while.

Myst_72 said...

Hmm...I went outside to use the hose the other day - two big holes and chewed almost all the way through - and the dog is like 4 YEARS OLD!
So I wonder when that side of life ends for dogs......grrr!!
Maybe you need a puppy play pen!


Chrisy said...

Look after yourself're doing great things...I can't imagine what it must be like...

Cyndy said...

The lovely vampire ladies & chemo nurses will help your mum to come around. She's doing it the hard way, though. But I guess there isn't an easy one.

Your dog's a bugger, isn't he? Our dog once took a fancy to the new wading pool & all the toys in it that my mum had bought the kids for Xmas.....
Love to you xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I agree with Sarah Lulu. I think that you handle everything that gets thrown at you with such grace and love. Not only is your family blessed to have you, we are as well!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Just being there for your mom is the best gift you can give her right now. Give her big hugs from me. :-)

Renee said...

Michelle keep taking the iron. It is so important. I have been anemic all my life and now with cancer anemia is one of my biggest problems.

Your Mom Michelle, poor Mom.

Will she talk about what she is afraid of. It is hard to be sick but even though the chemo is difficult they have many things to help you.

Also depending on the type of chemo your Mom may feel okay.

I know it is tomorrow and they probably told you this already but it is the 7 to 14 days after that your Mom will have a very low immune system. So everyone has to stay away from her if they have any kind of colds.

Everyone should also remember from today on to wash their hands as soon as they come into the house or her house.

She can do this Michelle. We are only buying time but time is our life.

Love you. Renee xoxoxo

Daria said...

Give your mom a hug for me ... it will be O.K.

Anonymous said...

K!!! YOU are a naughty child! Stay off of Mommy's Facebook!!!


Anonymous said...

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