Thursday, April 16, 2009

Daily Drivel

Well, I am coursed up for another year, what a boring waste of time that was......they read you information out of a book for several hours, give you a test sheet and then GIVE YOU THE PAGE NUMBERS THE ANSWERS ARE ON!

I passed of course...heheehe....bloody frik

I don't think the dog ate anything yesterday.....except a couple of empty toilet rolls and a plastic bag with an onion in it. Weird animal...must be teething...or else the valium gave him the munchies :)

Please send a few calming thoughts Helen's way today as she is having a rough time with her little screaming princess.

Mum and Kayla are safely home. Mum is shattered. Pain is not her friend this week.

Shelli has girlfriends staying over which has not happened for far too long so yay!

My internet at home is on go slow, due to many downloads 'magically' happening this month, so if I haven't been to see you lately it is because it takes 4 years to open your pages....back to normal tomorrow.

Today is the first day I have felt a bit like myself since the bloody surgery. My swelling seems to be going down which is good...I can see that, in time, I will have my 'normal' stomach back. Although, if I don't get some exercise soon there will be no hope for my arse! I have been consuming chocolate at a mad pace for 4 weeks......argh. Enough!

My scar is itchy but it is really weird to scratch it because it is numb. How can it be itchy if it is numb??? Weird.

My house looks like several hobo's have taken up is very sad :(

Too bad.

The maid will come one day I'm sure.......

Have a nice day people and thank you for all of your comments, they have lifted me up as usual!

I especially like Vevay's way of charging the camera!

I am a cactus mum!

I love blogger

PS Butler and Bagman has/have stalked me on Facebook!

I wonder if he can play Wordscraper???



Lisa said...

do you still play wordscraper chelle ? tee hee
are you right for mid day food fest tomorrow ( lunch )

Vevay Anderson said...

I wonder if those are the same hobos who have been trashing my place while I am sleeping, working, or have my back turned...they must have a private jet to get from your place to mine so quickly!

Snowbrush said...

A cactus mum? I love cacti-or cactususes.

Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Calming thoughts to Helen!
Good to have you back, sweet Michelle! Sounds like things are turning around for you, and I am happy for that!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

It's itchy b/c it's healing! Yay! Good get well vibes still headed your way!

Lisa said...

smooch- fanny burnie and iw ill be there- the only possible thing that could stop me is Helen needing a spare set of arms

Strawberry Girl said...

Sending out good vibes ~ ~

I have an annoying back scar (the doctor removed a mole in a very large way...) It felt like creepy bugs were on my shoulder (my sister mocked me about this sentiment). Now I have taken to rubbing Dr. Christophers Bone and Tissue repair on it (hope its helping) the carrying oil is olive oil, which is probably good for the skin anyway. :D