Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whinesday again

This is my son Josh, doing his thang in Germany, he is into Parkour
( which is a sporty type thing involving throwing oneself all around the place )

I have been very busy today

I am now tired again but not quite a zombie

Mum is sick today...very nauseous (how the hell to spell?) (aha spellcheck is my god) and feeling unwell....any tips you chemo veterans out there? Please. She also feels like her throat is closing up and her mouth has been bleeding. Grrrrrrr

Month end tomorrow on top of all that....triple grrrrrrr

I cooked a meal with vegetables tonight...just to ward off the scurvy you know

That is all really

Life is thrilling

Why is it that when you are busy and running in and out the door every bastard under the sun wants to come in and shoot the shit with you for half an hour?

And why is it that frikken yobbos from hell who are obviously bikers and druggies and jailbirds think that I will rent them a house because they tell me they are great people?

And why is it that sometimes I believe them and then they prove to me that I was right in the first place??

I had to miss my 6 week check up on Monday to get the damn house finished. So now I will hopefully get there next/this Monday instead.....I cheated though and had a bath yesterday!

So there!

I haven't had a single piece of falling out guts and stuff either. Hrmph


Goodnight people....see you in dreamland


Natalie said...

Love to you, mum, and your guts.xx♥

Myst_72 said...

Go with your gut (on the tenants), so I'm glad you haven't had any fall out - you will be needing it!

I hope Mums nausea eases off for her.


Daria said...

Yes once the steroids run out ... there is illness from the chemo. I have not experienced nausea with Taxotere but I do get a prescription from my oncologist for Zofran ... which is for nausea.

I'm once again fortunate not to have many mouth sores ... but have your mom mention it to the doctor as there is stuff for that too ... I believe.

The throat thing, I've not heard of ... I'm not much help ... but have her write all this down for her next visit with the oncologist as they have advice.

I wish I could be more help.

Vevay Anderson said...

What are theses vegetables you speak of? Are there any in chicken nuggets?

Tracey said...

Aw Michelle... what a time your having matey..

Regarding your Mum. when i was Nauseous ( that word again) i ate or drank anything with ginger in it.
It helped me a great deal.. might be worth trying that as it really is an awful feeling. something else us cancer patients have to put up with Grrrrr

Tracey xx

Butler and Bagman said...

Are we having fun yet? I'd say more but don't want to hold you up from running out the door. Today I am going to find at least two opportunities to use the word yobbo.

Lisa said...

you have no time for shit shooting shell !

Anonymous said...

Ok....Josh is nuts! I don't know how those guys do that - but a huge part of me is jealous that I can't do it!

Advice for your Mum...I know that some of the chemo's cause mouth sores, and that is a concern for the medical team. I would keep a very close eye on it, and contact either the cancer centre or ER if it continues.
As for the nausea - they recommended a BRAT diet - bananas, rice, apple sauce and/or toast. Keep things as bland as possible.

As for the renters...bah, humbug!

Hope you are both feeling better soon!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm sure that bath felt great!

mo.stoneskin said...

There are four flats in our block, three of us own the flats, one is rented. And it is only rented to such yobbos. Drives me mad.

Your son is one cool kid.

Renee said...

Michelle that is serious bullshit. You CANNOT miss the doctors. You fucking count too.

I love that your son is doing, so cool. I have seen it on tv but never knew there was a name.

Okay chemo for me:

Had sores in mouth but did not bleed.

Constipation, needs stool softeners and to keep on top of taking them if that is how the chemo affects her. Sometimes it is diarrehea.

The nurses will be telling her what she needs to take.

They should have prescribed anti-nausea pills like Kytril. The steroids she was on will help with the neausea but when they run out you usually take the kytril for three days after chemo. I started mine the minute I got home after each chemo treatment.

Popsicles or ice or ice cream or good for your Mom's mouth.

Avoid spicy food.

If her mouth is sore, eat soft food.

Make sure to tell the nurses loud and clear what went wrong and how she feels. There is a lot they can do to help make it easier. It is still chemo and it still fucking sucks. But there is a lot more that they can help you with these days.

Love Renee.

Don't fucking miss your doctor's appointment Michelle.