Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I will not bore you with my mood today, then again maybe I will....

My day started with a wannabe migraine that I have headed off at the pass.....I don't know why this works but I tell it to p off and it does....still, my head ached for a while there

My dog got into my handbag and ate my bottle of valium......well, he ate the bottle, I don't think he ate the valium....I am watching him closely though. Apparently they can handle a few but I don't know how many were in there to begin with ....... GRRRR

I had people lined up at the office door when I arrived this morning and so it went on.....quiet for now though

My father, who lives in Perth, on the other side of the country, sends me an email every few weeks asking how my mum is. He doesn't have the guts to ring her and says he "cannot forget the past" as his excuse.....they were married when she was 16 and he was 20, because she was pregnant with me and a whole long drama ensued......they split when I was 3 people...that would be 40 years ago!! I am getting p ed off with him now. I haven't had an actual phone call from him for years as he is......oh stuff it, I'm not telling the whole story...suffice it to say, my dad is a gutless, usually drunken whimp and I am cranky with him.

In answer to his latest email enquiring how mum is and asking if I am okayI sent him this reply

"Mum has another primary cancer in her lung. It is the one causing the grief. She is okay considering. In a bit of pain always now. They start chemo on the 24th in the hope that it will help with pain and prolong her time. She has a tumour on her adrenal gland and enlarged lymph nodes throughout her stomach area. She also has fluid around her heart, but thats ok for now and she had a bone scan the other week that we still don't know the results of yet. So, yes, she's pretty fucked actually.

I am tired, still recovering from my surgery, it has taken the wind out of my sails a bit.I had a UTI and a chest infection but seem to be over that now.

Shelli has been pretty down. Shit is happening.

Define okay

We are surviving. Life is relentless."

Maybe he will get my point, maybe not.

Men are stupid. Not all of them, just the ones I am unfortunate to be dealing with lately.

(Not including any blog men in that BTW....I like you guys and don't know you personally enough to label you stupid at all......:)

So, I am a bit grotty today

I have a course to do tomorrow so I can continue on being the idiot in this office....for this honour we must pay many $$...........how ironic.

Darlin has gone home. He thinks coming for 2 days a week and rubbing my sore back and vacuuming my floor is all I need from him....PAH

Not going there either....

I will go now before I say something really mean :0)



Lisa said...

smooch xx
see you friday xx

Anonymous said...

Michelle, this was a great post. You have every right to be frustrated and angry. And how funny... even the dog is yet another male! Grrrrr!

Myst_72 said...

Hmm...not sure where to start.

Ummm...I hope tomorrow brings a good mood free of migraine.

My natural father appears to have lost my phone number - THANK GOD!


Jen said...

Well said to your father. Hopefully he gets the point.

Life is indeed relentless. I agree with that.

Lots of hugs to you

Renee said...

Honest and real and just what I come to accept and love about coming here.

You are amazing Michelle and I adore you.

Love Renee xoxo