Saturday, April 11, 2009

A request....

I need some suggestions

I want to get me a collection of nice uplifting beautiful music

Please give me some input

My mind is a blank

And my house is too quiet

I miss music and I am sick of what I have

I like anything

Except country and strange techno doof doof

Real music please

Music that makes you FEEL

Thanks :)


Sarah Lulu said...

The Rolling Stones, Like a rainbow.
(I'm currently trying to play that on my keyboard, very badly!)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole does a great version!

I also like David Campbell (and his Dad Jimmy Barnes) ...singing swing.

jewell said...

Kenny G is great....lovely sax music i'll record some for you and give it to lisa

Renee said...

Michelle, you are in a real hard spot right now and I am sorry for it.

I think she will be all right. That is my hope.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Lisa said...

jackson- he is the master poet- will see what i can do to get some to you xx

Natalie said...

Missy Higgins

Eva Cassidy

John Denver

Norah Jones

David Grey

Matchbox 20

Tina Arena


Have a peaceful Easter filled with love.xx♥

linda said...

I like quiet but when I listen to music, this is what's playing, Susan Aglukark and Jennifer Berezan...

lovely quiet ~ Jennifer does some things I don't care for(folk) but her chanting cd's are beautiful and I have two~ "returning" and "praises for the world"...they are very different from the usual "chanting" things so try and give a listen to one or two...I think you will fall in love.

I don't think Susan can do anything wrong! I have Blood Red Earth and The child, both gorgeously done...

xoxox and take care of YOU!

Faith said...

You are going through so much. I have just been reading through your old posts. What a lot for you to cope with right now. Give Shelli so much love. I know it is so difficult. We have been teens ourselves and now have them. I was a cutter when I was in highschool. There was little my parents could do to help me -- I shut them out of my life in so many ways. The fact that you can talk to her and help her with decisions is so great. Oh, hugs to all of you!! I wish I could help -- I wish I had some magic words to say...

here is some music I like:

Emilie Simon - Flowers

Changer, by Anais Mitchell

Josiah Leming - Angels Undercover

Laura Nyro -- Angel In the Dark

thinking of you -- and thank you so much for your comments on my blog -- everyone is so kind.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Check out a group called "Dead Can Dance" (strange name, I know...I don't get it either). But, they have some of the most beautiful melodies.

Wishing you a wonderful happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Pachabel Canon in D Major - I can't recommend it enough! Relaxes me and inspires me at the same time - every time...

Cyndy said...

Push some furniture against the walls, Then put on "the Pretender" by the Foofighters or The Presets, "Talk like that". Make it loud & just let rip with your body & lose yourself for a bit. It's the best stress-relief. After that, put on some good for your head & heart music and chill out.

You'd better be careful with your recovering body, though.

Love to you. xoxoxoxo

Butler and Bagman said...

Carol King - "You've got a friend"

Anonymous said...

Oh, so many great suggestions above. When I need a lift or even to slow down, I always return to classical music - anything classical. I love opera and even though I don't understand a word of Italian, I love to put it on the CD and listen to the emotion of the music. It soothes my soul.