Tuesday, April 07, 2009



I can see why they say take 6 weeks to recover from your surgery, 3 is not enough but will have to do....


Mum is going to Byron tomorrow, a last minute plan that includes Kayla because it is her turn

Despite this leaving me here I am pleased

Who knows if she will get the chance again

Tahni is with me till Sunday then she is off too, she will return when it's time for chemo to start

Until we know how mum will react to the chemo, this is the plan

Byron, for those of you who don't know, is the beautiful Byron Bay here in New South Wales......my sister lives there and they will fly up tomorrow afternoon for a week-ish

The office will be shut over the Easter weekend so I will be off for 4 days too....woo hoo...I will need it!

Tomorrow I go take Shelli for counselling and spend my art vouchers and go to the quack to see what other nasties she has in store for me :)

All is quiet in the office this afternoon, the birds are singing and the weather is warm but not hot

Autumn is here people

Soon it will be cold


I need some new clothes

Nothing much going on here

Just the way I like it



Lisa said...

yes lunch soon- but when ?

Natalie said...

Hello sweeetie! Rest is gooder than good. Yes,yes deed!

Lovely that mum and Kayla are going up to Cherie's too. :D

I can't fit into any of my clothes and am too scared to buy the next size up AGAIN!!!!!x♥x

jewell said...

oh yes i'm with you all on the clothes..i'm off to the op shops so that when i lose all this weight i can go out and buy lot of new clothes that fit prefectly!!!

Myst_72 said...

Ohhh...enjoy some time off - 4 days - lovely :)

Yes, new clothes.......


Kathleen said...

Hello Holidays!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish that you had been able to take the full 6 weeks off - your body has undergone some major trauma. Take it easy my gorgeous friend.
I have heard of Byron Bay - it is quite beautiful as I recall.
I am sending prayer for Shelli and you. Hope that all goes well.
Enjoy your Easter break!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Over here in the US, we are eagerly awaiting Spring - but it's only 36 degrees F in my state (I'm on the Northeast side and about halfway up - not really a Northern state and not quite a Southern state). It's too dang cold for this time of year, though! We still have all our cold weather clothes and warm weather clothes out. LOL.

Daria said...

Yes rest as much as you can. I know we think we are super women but guess what ... NOT!

R & R is a must!

Renee said...

Michelle I hope all goes well with the family in all the different directions they are headed.

And try not to get pulled into 1,000 pieces.

Love Renee xoxo

Lynnette Labelle said...

If you just had surgery a few weeks ago, you really don't want to do too much. Take it easy.

Lynnette Labelle