Tuesday, April 14, 2009

grumblebum part 2

Didn't get out of the office till 6.15 tonight ..........grrrr

So busy was I, and people wouldn't go away and I kept making mistakes

And the dog ate the camera charger while I was busy and not looking

(that's 3 shoes, a paintbrush, my handle off my hand mirror, a camera charger, a diposable razor, 2 socks and a bottle of valium for him this week.......the pound is looking gooder and gooder I tell you :)

But I got it all done.....I hope

Am having a very quiet giggle at myself, on the inside, for being such a cranky poo

Good news! Mums bone scan was clear.

No cancer there at least......

I bought up palliative care to her today and she nearly ate my head off.

It would make sense to get in touch with them and have someone to discuss pain managment and such with but I guess it is a bit too much reality for her to deal with......she doesn't realise that palliative care is not just for end stage cancer patients I think....and to even think about it is too hard so......we will continue with no support won't we. I will have to talk further with her about this at some point. She needs someone who isn't the hospital doctor to talk to about her 'stuff'. Symptom managment I think they call it. But it needs a referral, that SHE has to ask for......hmmm.

Oh well.....that is today done with

By the way, my father is a very intelligent, gentle and lovely man....he is also a pain in the arse, a depressive and an alcoholic :0)

I am a chip off the old block!



Sarah Lulu said...

and you have a wonderful spirit.

Cyndy said...

It is good new re your mum's bone scan.
Your mum is not alone in her response, Michelle. Some people have quite a long & successful association with the Pall Care team. The trouble is, it is that people make the assumption that they are giving up and won't last long, whern in actuality, they are making the most of the their time & optimising their health. Intervention can mean just a visit or contact from team members, which can include community nurses, specialist pain managers, social/mental health, occupational therapists or even help managing around the house. Most of the contact is in the home, not within the hospital or hospice situation. Something as simple as balancing pain manafgement with constipation can make an enormous difference to someone's quality of life.

And you are indeed a lovely woman...even if you do drug your dog...hahahah xoxoxo

Faith said...

You are wonderful, Michelle.

Anonymous said...

You DO have a lovely spirit! And soul! So happy about your Mom's bone scan! What a relief that is! I also wish that she would speak to a palliative care oncologist - I think that she would find a lot of comfort by going down that avenue. And you are right - symptom and pain management is what they specialize in. Hugs to all of you. Even the dog and Dad!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

So glad to hear the scan was clear. Moms can be difficult on us adult daughters. I went thru all this with mine. Sorry to hear your dad won't contact her directly... Afte 40 years, you'd think it would be water under the bridge.... {{{HUGS}}}

Diane said...

You clearly got the intelligent, gentle, and lovely part of the chip! :)

Butler and Bagman said...

You have had quite a day. Boy do I empathize with you. And, by the way, you look great.

jewell said...

good news re your mum's bone scan....i think reality is too hard for most of us to deal with and we don't have the big "C" hanging over us :-)

Well i always knew you were intelligent, gentle and lovely..but where have you been hidding the pain in the arse, depressive? hehehe

Kathryn Magendie said...

Oh, so happay about the bone scan being clear!

(alcoholics are difficult, aren't they? But, my dad has been sober near-50 years, so I do not remember him drinking. I did put drinking in the TG novel, though - it just seemed to happen)

You are a light and beautiful spirit Michelle!

Renee said...


I am over the moon. That is great news Michelle. Excellent.

Baby steps. Maybe in a few days you can bring palliative up again.

Here if you are Stage 4 we call all treatment palliative. So that is palliative treatment as in chemo, etc. because there is no cure.

Palliative care is where you can be assigned your own nurse that discusses your symptoms with you but you have to agree to not get any chemo, as in that would be a treatment and it is more later stage.

Awesome about your Mom, very happy for her.

Love Renee

p.s. you a pain in the ass = never. you a brave and wonderful woman = always.

Love Renee xoxo

Vevay Anderson said...

So good to hear the bonescan was clear!

Do you think you could shove the camera up the dog's arse and charge it that way?

Chrisy said...

Great news re the bone scan..maybe call her doc and get him/her to suggest the organisation of a care plan with ur mum....Michelle I really enjoy the way that you can have a crappy day but still see the bright side more often than not...and your comments about your dad are similar to mine...most people are complex creatures and a little bit loopy!

Renee said...

I am going to have to kill you.

You made me spit my tea right out of my mouth from laughing you little cactus you.

har har


Ronnie said...

I have been noticing your comments on Renee's blog and thinking, how crazy cool twisted that woman is.
When you said your kids probably think of you as a cactus, I nearly lost it. In the context of Renee's beautifully written tree/parent symbolism it was even better.
Take care, girlie. Life can be crap when parents start breaking down on us.
Ronnie-in a small town in Georgia

Kathleen said...

Good news about the bone scan xxxx