Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little update

Too bloody tired to post much today...been painting window sills and other such stuff and am absolutely argh

Just to let you know that mums chemo went okay. They actually gave her the two lots yesterday, not the one we were expecting.

Whatever the steroid anti nausea drug is that they give her is.....I want some!

She has been very well thank you and bouncing around off the walls almost!

She's been to the dawn service, then to my house for a coffee and to drag me out off my bum, and been down the house with us today DOING stuff instead of feeling like a bump on a log....not too much stuff but anything is an improvement for her right now. I have tried to keep her quiet as I'm not too sure she won't crash after the 3 days of steroids are up.

But she is feeling more positive, today at least, about doing it, and had has not felt sick at all.

Two more days and Daniels house must be finished for the tenants to go into...almost there....GAWD I am so unfit.


Anonymous said...

I hope that your Mom continues to feel energized. The anit-nausea med are AMAZING! My chemo was one that used to induce a lot of nausea, but with the modern meds,I never even had a queasy stomach. Now, I did stop eating, but I had no nausea!
Have a wonderful weekend Michelle. And take some time for you!

Renee said...

Michelle my dear friend.

Please know that I am not upset at all. You have done absolutely nothing. Your wonderful.

I'm not upset but when you mentioned about your Mom I just felt heartbroken because it is true. One day, not yet though, that will happen and of course I know that is true for my kids too.

I guess I felt so sorry for you and for my kids and for your Mom and myself too.

But as you know and many people don't that this is our reality and this is our truth.

I am mad at myself if I even gave you a second of stress.

I am glad your Mom is feel okay. She may depending on the drugs start to feel sick today.

For me I was very the day after chemo and that would last for three days and then I started to feel a bit better.

Popsicles and icy things sometimes feel good.

Love you tons and praying that this is okay for your Mom and you.

p.s. Happy birthday to your daughter and thanks for the award.


Daria said...

The steroids make me a bit high and energetic and then when they are gone ... I hit a wall and down I go.

Once your mom goes through a couple of cycles, she will learn how it all works.

Hugs to your mom ...

Renee said...

Michelle I totally understand the sad.

This is real for us isn't it. It isn't pretend.

It is like grieving while we are alive for what we wanted our lives to be. Grieving for who we wanted to share our lives with. Grieving for ourselves.

I have been writing about a shadowland where your mom and I and our children go until we remind ourselves that we are still here.

We are here now and we are not gone yet.

Love xoxoxo

Vevay Anderson said...

Hope your mom continues doing well, and glad to hear that the chemo is going okay.

How do you keep up with all this? And a hungry hungry hippo for a dog, too?!

Dragonesque said...

So glad the chemo went well. A huge day to have taken such a big leap towards her fears and finding the anticipation and fear of the unknown was worse than the reality.
Blessings to you, your mum and to all of your family, Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your mum as had a blast and would be so good for her. Yep she probably would drop a liitle after 3 days of steriod hype. I am so pleased for her feeling well, it is a shame she couldn't be on steriods for longer. Bless her so much.
All my love to you and your family!

Renee said...

Michelle I had to come over to natter.

Don't you think you do too much. I always feel like you are fucking running yourself ragged.

Let some stuff fall and give some other shit to other people.

Because I love you I am a nag.


Chrisy said...

So pleased that you're mum is coping well with the treatment...what a relief for you all...and I think you fabulous doing all the stuff that you do...

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That's great that your mom is doing so well and feeling "up". May it continue. Try to remember to let yourself rest - the caregiver role can be very stressful sometimes.