Saturday, April 04, 2009


I think I am feeling a bit/lot better

I don't trust it yet though :)

Yesterday afternoon I had an enormous horrible panic attack, just what I needed, for no reason. As you can imagine I was undecided in the midst of it as to whether it actually was anxiety or if I was actually dying of something......valium sorted me so obviously I was not dying :0)

Today I did some painting, sort of

Darlin is here and has house elfed away and now I have a clean floor and a mowed yard and lots of voucher $$$ to spend on art supplies!!

Woo hoo

That is all for now



Chez said...

Michaelle, trust that your episode was nothing more than re establishing yourself. Definitely not a panic attack.
Have missed your writing and your recovery. So sorry. At least I know that the pain of my carpal tunnel is what taikes the joy of being on the computer.
Seems to be good weather for painting. Have you got brush in hand?

Natalie said...

Deary me! Sorry to hear that, darling girl. Hope you can feel some peace today.xx♥

Michelle said...

I am far so bloody good!

Lisa said...

most excelent to have a working ELF..........and improved health xx

Jen said...

oh, heres to continuing recovery and strength.

House elves are rare as hens teeth, let alone ones that leave vouchers to buy paint!!! You lucky lucky girl.

Hugs to you

linda said...

hey michelle, lovely to read you are starting to feel slightly better~what a nightmare of problems you've had and now a panic attack, how lovely although you have been under a tad bit of stress...maybe you can use it as a reason to take it a little easier or you might have a nervous breakdown! (THAT threat works wonders although I don't recommend using it much ;)

blessings to you, dear woman...and my little apple is all better, her battery needed a charging and so does mine! don't we all need one, perhaps.. !!

Myst_72 said...

I'm pleased you had a better day :)

I hope the panic attacks stay away now,


Butler and Bagman said...

I know the panic attack syndrome well! Glad it passed. And I would really love to see the painting! Your artwork is so incredible!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you are feeling better and recovery is occuring! And how nice is it to have a house ELF??? When he finishes at your house, how does he feel about a long distance commute to do my house?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I have had such horrible anxiety attacks where I thought I was having a heart attack or stroke. Thank goodness for Ativan! (and other anxiety relieving drugs) :-)

Daria said...

I hope you are feeling better too.

Please do spend some time painting ... maybe it will calm the mind.

nollyposh said...

(((hugs))) and for the panic attacks try some Bach flower rescue remedy xox

Renee said...

Your feeling better that is good news.

Well this lovely lady is doing good. I am glad you, lovely lady, are also doing better.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Chrisy said...

It's nice to have an elf drop by and do a few jobs....and that horrible panicy attack..hope it's nicked off...i've had a couple in the past and they're what i imagine a heart attack would feel like!

Dragonesque said...

Woo hoo, indeed: feeling better, elf in presence and provision for paint supplies. Not *everything* one could want for in life but certainly on the right path!
Blessings to you,

Strawberry Girl said...

Yeah, I understand that feeling. You kind of feel better, but don't trust it, you just kind of have this instinct about it... That's how it was for me anyway when I was depressed most of the time.

What's hard for me right now is accepting myself, that i'm an acceptable person...

Too bad about the panic attack, wahoo for the clean floor, mowed yard, and art supplies!! ;p