Monday, April 13, 2009

Mondayitis at easter

Have been having a very boring weekend

Consisting of clipping my dog so he now looks like a NOT FAT poodle instead of a cocker spaniel...and is prancing around thus....I could have made a whole new dog out of the hair that I cut off him :)

I have also sold another house....that is 4 now.....the last of the cheapies just about

I have not had lunch with Lisa grrrrrrrr

I have slept a lot and am getting mighty sick of this tired body crap I tell you!

I have eaten some chocolate too.....

Just me and darlin home today, Shelli was all night movie marathoning last night and is staying tonight with her girlfriend, she is feeling a bit better after a couple of up and down days....yay

Tahni has gone back to the 'convent'. Interesting things may be developing there in that she is having second thoughts methinks.....hmmmm.

I would like to see that golden girl fulfilling her potential one of these days and being happy instead of cranky. She did not want to go......and will be back next week for chemo.

She needs to be out saving the world not playing kitchen maid. That is all I am saying about that for now.

It is raining here, lightly, and it is quite nice and very quiet

I hope everyone had a lovely break.


Cyndy said...

ok..... am I imagining it, or did you have another post & some pics, or was that over on facebook..... so confuzzled...... I'll just duck over & check... the more I think abot it, that's where it was.. see ya!

Jen said...

Awwww... cute little doggy. You are a super salesperson Hooker for sure. You havent had lunch with me either... grrrrr and yay for no kids. Mine went to that movie marathon too. They got up at 2pm this afternoon.

Yay for holding our breath re Tahni. Poo to kitchen maids and yay to saving the world. Super scientists should not have dishpan hands.

Love you

Anonymous said...

That is a fine looking specimen

Lisa said...

lunch. what happened. i woke up and the day was almost over. frig. ill be up on FRIDAY- fark x

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sometimes the boring weekends are the best! :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the sale of the house! Oh boy, I relate to the tired body - not sure when that goes away. I am beginning to think it is a chronic illness! Glad to hear that Shelli is doing better.

Debbie said...

Your dog looks good to me.
Chocolate is supposed to cure all ills. Maybe you should have a little more.

Butler and Bagman said...

You're actually sounding more feisty...a good thing. Ah, Bagman just honed in that one of your followers revealed the fact that somewhere there is a secret Facebook Page! Whoo hoo. He'll probably have to go and see if he can find it by browsing through 53,421 Michelles. That could be fun even if he never finds you!