Friday, May 01, 2009

Friggday :)

A quick post before I die in the

Mum had a shocking night due to taking a double dose of constipation meds and then sitting on the throne with a bucket on her knee for several hours.......that is more than likely graphic enough:)

Anyway, long story short, we eventually got to the hospital a couple of hours after she was due for her appointment ( thank you lovely nurse people) and she did get her day 8 dose of chemo today. This one shouldn't cause too much upset as it does not come with lovely but constipating steroids. Next time we will be prepared for that problem and anticipating it! She felt better this afternoon but is very very tired. Poor mama.

I have been taking my iron tablets RENEE and am feeling a bit less fatigued this week. If mum is sick on Monday RENEE Tahni will come up so I can get to my follow up appointment come what may RENEE ( did you get all that my other mum?) I love that lady from Winnipeg you know, she is a nag though :)

I bought myself a couple of pieces of clothing today( yes, work type ones as that is the only place I ever go these days other than the friggen hospital, when did my life turn into this? I used to wear paint covered clothes and go to art school once) and will be buying myself a couple more next week, I need some for winter, which is right around the corner judging by the cold nights we are having flanny PJ's a lot this week!

You guys must get so bored reading this drivel every day, I'm so glad you come back though!

I feel like I'm getting a tooth ache, my gum hurts and so do my teeth, GREAT. I have some Amoxyillin in the cupboard and am taking it......hopefully it is the right type of antibiotic as I do not want a friggen toothache/infection. I need to get a super multi vitamin or something because I am too run down and don't need to be sick. Grrrrrr

Anyway, in spite of this seeming whinge, I am feeling okay.

Did I say this was quick??




Anonymous said...

Now everything I own is covered in paint!!!!!( Mostly blue - from airbrushing skies)....poor mum, bugger......

Natalie said...

Love you. Poor mama.xx♥ It is enough to give you the fruggin' ships!

Sarah Lulu said...

Oh you poor thing do sound worn out ...if you are taking antibiotics please eat some yoghurt.

Can you think of half an hour of fun tomorrow? A quick splash of paint perhaps??

Myst_72 said...

NEVER bored, just at a loss for you, and at a loss for what to say.
And constantly amazed by you.


Anonymous said...

Michelle, are you kidding us? Your blog is NOT boring - far from it! Your blog is such a faorite of mine. You deliver your message in just a few words (THAT is a gift!) and you do so with humor. I love your blog!

Happy/eeewwwww for Mum! I really hope that the chemo does what it is supposed to do.Last night, on television, I watched a very interesting discussion on cancer. There were 3 oncologists, a nurse and a moderator from the U.S. talking about cancer and the advances that are being made with regards to treatment, and the extension of life. There is hope! Mum just needs to be a tough old broad and get through the rough stuff!

Daria said...

You are tired because you have a lot on the go .... don't forget to take care of yourself.

Faith said...

Your poor mom. I hope she is feeling stronger today. What misery.

Take care of yourself, Michelle. You have a lot to cope with. Rest when you can.

I am never bored reading your posts:)

Renee said...

I seriously hope that you don't think by putting my name in caps that I will get scared off.

And by the way, I like how you think you are a doctor and a dentist and can take old shit that is lying around the house. Why didn't you just take one of your Mom's constipation pills too.

Honestly my sweet friend I have to nag you. So I am not quitting any time soon.

By the way BLD stands for starting from the top of the page: breakfast, lunch and dinner. See I feed you three meals on Friday.

I adore you Michelle. I love you too.

Hopefully your Mom is okay, poor Mom. Make sure she has her nausea pills especially is she is not getting the steroids.

Love Renee xoxoxo

christopher said...


You take me back to a certain period in my life when I had a wife who was really sick. Year after year of hospital stuff and me so used to being there that I learned what food to eat and not in the cafeteria, how to get around the whole hospital and not get lost, and starting to say hi to the nurses and all as if I worked there. That was when I learned that happy helps but that staying sober is not about being happy.

Tracey said...

Michelle.. your so funny you crack me up...

Don't ever stop will you? I've only recently discovered you and am addicted!! wahayyyy x

linda said...

michelle, i hope you have a chance to get a little rest, my goodness, girl, you need to catch a break....hoping all is well with mom too...what a nasty thing is cancer..


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Yes, you definitely need to take care of yourself! I hope you start feeling better soon.

Renee said...

If I nag from afar imagine what up close would be like.