Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I would pass on a wisdom
to you, child
I would say that
can do damage
more so than
a bullet
some days

your mouth is still smoking


Jen said...

oh yes. beautifully put. like a knife to the heart. I know that feeling


Diane said...

Uh oh.

Sorry :(

I hope once the smoke clears (and the blood is suctioned), the damage is not so severe as initially thought.

OH, and I vote for the wrist... so you can see it without having to look behind you in a mirror!

Marie S said...

This poem is so wonderful. For people in general and a reminder for myself too. Brava!

Merry late Christmas Michelle and a very very happy New Year, may it be your best ever.

linda said...


Cyndy said...

That sounds like a very familiar sentiment.

Actually, I'm sure it's one that my mother would have expressed from time to time.