Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where's my head at......!!!!!

Oh god it's Wednesday again!

That just keeps happening.....

yep, feeling a little nuts today people

I promise I have a good reason....


It's hot

It's windy......grrrrr

I'm also bored, my day has consisted, so far, of me reading the riot act to filthy tenants who leave houses in terrible states and then I have to be mean to them and make them go clean up their own shit.....poor poor babies!

Somebody save me pleeeeeease!


I don't have to work tomorrow or the next 3 days after that and that is cool


I get about 10 days off over Christmas!! Woo farking hoo!!!!!!


Tomorrow I am going to town to do stuff and maybe (definitely!!) have a coffee with my befri.....any escape is a good thing right now

I might also go to the beach if it is hot like today.....

or not

Meanwhile, I am filling in time here in this orifice and thinking about what to have for dinner
(oh dear god please don't make me have to do that forever) and maybe just a bit about a couple of other issues that are on my mind regarding all the crap that has been going on for me these past few months and how ready I am to deal with some parts of my life just now.

I've been reminded today that people actually read my blog and that, strangely enough, has left me feeling a little vulnerable.

I'll get over it though :)


Lisa said...

did someone mention coffee ?
email me where and when

Sarah Lulu said...

Enjoy your days off.

Cyndy said...

At least being on dinner duty gives one's day some semblance of structure....