Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goosebumps in the summertime......

Guess I've been a bit quiet on here this past week or so

That's because I have been a bit busy.....and also a bit reluctant to blog about what's going on for me.

Somethings don't need blogging about really.

Suffice it to say I am feeling loved.

Mum had a CT scan yesterday, results to be known on Monday. She is looking pretty sick and skinny and having as many bad as good days right now.

Life goes on relentlessly as usual.....

I am grateful for a lot of things today, I am feeling a lot more settled inside myself mostly, I still have my moments of madness and want to run like a maniac.....but on the whole, things are good and I am happy here, in my heart.

Today I am off for a haircut and lunch with my lucky am I???


Kerry said...


Am loving the fact that things are finally starting to be right for you.

Loved....yep, everyone should know that feeling.

ARGHHHHHHH.....wishing i could make lunch with you guys today. I emailed Jen and said thanks so much...but am just on the tail end of a nightmare of sickness.

Love you lots Michelle, but not that much i want to share what ever the hell it is i have.

I bet your glowing like a tiny ball of sunshine. Happiness + feeling loved has that effect.

MWAH xxxx

The Tall Red Head said...

You don't need to blog everything. As long as you are happy, that is all that matters. Hope news is good for your mum :)

Debbie said...

So sorry your mom isn't doing well. Please let us know as soon as you find out the results.

Chrisy said...

Enjoy those summertime goosebumps honey...

Cyndy said...


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

:0) ;0) :0) ;0) :0) ;0) :0) ;0) :0)

Daria said...

Thinking of your mom and hoping the CT scan results are good.