Thursday, December 03, 2009

Observing trust.....

Please say a prayer for Renee today.

Life is moving a little too fast for my liking right now.......

I feel like I am encased in jelly moving slowly through a landscape where everything else is going at lightening speed around me, if that makes sense........

and I am watching it all from inside myself and watching me from outside myself.......

I do not have a mental illness either :)

This feels weird........

My hand rests on the glass
hesitant now
I do not trust
I cannot see you from out here
I do not know your face
I turn away,
leave you to your fate
I have things to do
I do not trust

My feet itch
the chariot waits idly
I must stand still
firmly, here inside my resolve
but my feet itch so
this damned vortex over my head
spins me around
I need, oh yes I need
I do not trust


Natalie said...

You will, because you will KNOW from the place of all knowing, not from behind the glass.xx♥

Diane said...

Makes perfect sense.

Wish it didn't.



Bogey said...

Follow your heart but be quiet for awhile first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart first.

Bagman and Butler said...

I follow you all the time. Because you are so open, so right there...sometimes, after reading your post, I click open the comment box and stare at it. Words don't seem to be enough. I just send good thoughts into it.

Then, of course, I break the mood and babble away like now.