Thursday, December 31, 2009

Endings and new beginnings and all that other stuff in the middle......

I've been thinking this morning....sitting here looking out of my window, pondering the way the world works and how the universe always seems to know better than I do....

How when I let go and let god, things just happen, exactly the way I didn't expect them to, but exactly the way they should.

And I wonder what the lesson is going to be this time, because it seems there always is one, isn't there. Right now the lesson seems to be that by just letting go and going with the flow and not forcing any issue, things just get better. Internally.

I have been forced to look at and experience powerless this past couple of years. I have been forced to look at and experience where running on MY will gets me.....and I have been forcefully reminded that I came here with a plan already in progress and I will not be diverted, no matter how hard I try :)

So, things are feeling back on the right track.....better than on the right track actually, things are feeling as though they are gliding.............this is kinda weird but very very nice

I like it like that :)

Happy New Year my friends. I love you!


Lisa said...

i have some worries my angel, but they are mine not yours
blessed be barbie xx

Renee said...

And if you like it than I like it.

Happy New Year darling.

Love Renee xoxo

Bagman and Butler said...

I go through the same cycle letting go and letting God and then when things get better taking my will back in order to hold on to the better feeling...which, of course, takes it away again. Having done this a bazillion times, you'd think I know better.

Bogey said...

Michelle, it couldn't have happened to a nicer Lady. When you see it in action, scratch your head and ask if this is for real, only to discover it is; doesn't it make it all that much more rewarding? All the very best in the New Year. May clarity continue to shine through. Peace!

Anonymous said...

G-day babe my love for you is endless