Sunday, December 20, 2009


So, here we are, Sunday again in the land of me

I am going into town to do stuff today, escaping from here.....yay

Going to a meeting, maybe to the beach, maybe for lunch....I dunno, maybe whatever

I may be going for a ride on a Harley too :)

Yesterday was a nice day. I got the jobs done at mum's place, a friend (yes, that one) came over and we all went to mum's for dinner and then played scrabble (:)) and cards with her, which she liked and so did I.....was a nice evening again. I could get used to that....

Ummmm, Kerry picked up her baby cat......I haven't wrapped a single present, I think I have got them all though so that's sayin' something.

That's about it folks, I am boring......

Have a great day, I'm certainly going to be trying to


Snowbrush said...

Have fun at the beach!

Kerry said...

your "friend" is very nice looking indeedy...

Pyklet is settling in well. She already thinks she is the boss.

Sounds like you had a lovely evening last night. Tis great to hear things settling for you, and going nicely.

Bout bloody time me thinks.

Your deserve a break.

Kerry xxx