Friday, December 04, 2009

Frikkin' Friday...

I have decided that my house needs a good clean....damn shame I don't have time to clean it right now, but mum has a clean fridge and several clean curtains, a sparkly christmas bush and that is what counts right?

I have decided that I take too many supplements and they are screwing with my body so I am going back to basics and hitting the treadmill with renewed vigour as of tomorrow, I am also going to join the gym and find out how to really get fit......I'm over these wobbly bits. Of course I do not have time to do this because it is a half hour drive to the gym and everybody needs a piece of me right now so maybe I will just love my treadmill a bit more for now and do what needs doing daily and eat less.....sighhhhhhhhhhhh

Maybe I will just not worry about it but that doesn't feel right

Anyhow, I am off out of here for this day........

I will make it my mission to smile today and to be kind to strangers, especially in the car park...
(I do have car park issues at Christmas time........)

See you all tomorrow

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