Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Am home now and have eaten and calmed down, not that I was uncalm,(it is a word now) but still....

Good news is that on Sunday I got Shelli some Mega Vitamin C and zinc and echinacea in large doses and today her throat is only half as red and the pus is all gone......she is feeling about 50% better too.

I read on the internet somewhere that these things are an immune booster so got em and crossed fingers....seems to have made an impact anyway as she was one very sick chick yesterday and today she is hungry.

Anyway, I will keep her resting and observe her closely and not let her do anything strenuous for a while and hope she's okay.

Still don't know if it's a new thing for her or a flare up of an existing thing.

We shall see......

Why don't the comments from my art blog come through to my inbox??

I had several comments there that I wasn't aware of till today, so if you commented I wasn't ignoring you, just ignorant :0)

P.S: I have made a new friend in Blogland and I'm giving him a hey ho because he writes such a lovely tale....please go here to meet Barry.



Michelle said...

Ahem.....I have now enabled comment moderation the art blog....*blush*

Myst_72 said...

It is worth giving olive leaf extract a go too - capsules rather than liquid as the liquid tastes pretty rank!


Lisa said...

have done the glandual fever thing with prue and with myself many years ago.
Poor shelli belly and poor shelli belly's mummy

the vitiams you got for her would most certainly of helped.
can i add one thing i found useful for Prue - really, really pure oj- you dont have to squeeze it yourself but just buy the most expensive and purest one at Coles- lots and lots of it and vitamin E- blackmores- mega pure.
So expensive but worth it, makes a huge difference.

Love to you befri- am off to say hey to Barry xxx

Tania said...

hope she's feeling 100% soon :)