Saturday, February 07, 2009

too much to do....

Funny how I seem to spend so much time sitting on my duff

and yet I have so much to do

Problem is the place where I sit is not the place where I need to be doing

My home needs some serious maintenance (ie: housework) doing to it

My dog needs some training

My paintings need to be painted

And I am sitting in the orifice doing nothing all day

That is the frustrating part of my life but I guess it will change one of these days

Maybe not into me doing my things that need doing

Maybe I wil be at mums house not doing the things I need to do


I do have some things I should be doing at the orifice

I should be getting all the files schmicko for when the sale happens

Yes I said WHEN

no point being negetive

Maybe if I get it all ready the universe will see this and the buyer will magically appear?

Mum says she is not sure if I could handle the business on my own (??Like what have I been doing for 12 months?) because I often forget little things.....I ponder this, not like I haven't had anything on my mind lately and I haven't actually lost us any landlords...hmmmm...or even had any complaining about my slackness or even had any complaints at all except for tenants complaining about my Nazi-ness (yes, is)...and the fact that the only stuff that doesn't get done is the stuff she 'cant be bothered' with...which is important stuff that I just dont know how to do....grrrrrrr

I dont want it anyway

I have pondered and it is NOT what I call my cup of tea

I would do it if I had to

And I would go learn how to do it well

But I dont want to


I want it gone please


All this shit needs to be moved out of my life so that whatever is coming can come

This is the year of moving shit out??

Im all for that

Except it seems to include my mother

And thats not very nice



Lisa said...

love to you xxx

Anonymous said...

so what would you do instead Miss Michelle?
WOuld you like to be a famous artist just like me?????
We could be wind swept and interesting and living in abject poverty together....sounds like a plan!!!!!!w.w.

Michelle said...

Indeed it is ww, indeed it is.

But I will need paint and food...