Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sourpuss Sunday

Maybe I shouldn't be whinging


I am sooooo sick of this rain!

I like rain, really I do

Just not when it pours incessantly for days in a row and makes it impossible to do anything useful

Paint takes hours to dry

The dog smells awful

I will bath him and blow dry him but he doesn't like it.......sulking black fur ball ahead...

The house is dim

The washing pile is growing arms and legs

Bring on the sun I say

Bring on the sun

And a nice cool breeze for balance....

Its Sunday and I am now going to do something very useful

Go back to bed!



Lisa said...

wise move- i am following you- friggin damp dogs and wet houses- but I still love the rain.

BTW, i am thin today
lisa xx

Anonymous said...

I had a huge sleep in followed by chocolate cake for you do! w.w.

Natalie said...

Well bloody as you would ,if you bloody had some! YUM

My washing also has a life of it's own Chelle -dreary to be sure. Five kids inside is probably as much fun as small animals, though I keep thinking that I am lucky to have a house (even if it is annoying in wet weather).

I have not heard any mention of Darlin' this weekend????????????

Did you drown him at Hat Head? Lol

Michelle said...

Well Nat, that is because he is not here due to his car (which is a long and boring story) not being on the road....

Lisa said...

giving a certain ankle a weekend off to whine about the rain....snort x

Natalie said...


Michelle said...



Cyndy said...

I'm not sick of the damp yet, but I have been wishing it south-ward.

I've only just changed out of jammies & dressing gown & into trackies & slippers as I've been busy reading a book & watching TV.. It's been a huge day. Now I'm going to watch some videos......


Dave King said...

... and life gets tedious, don't it?

Debbie said...

Going back to bed sounds wonderful! Some days are just made for that.

nollyposh said...

Send it down here! Send it down here! Pleeeeease!