Saturday, February 14, 2009

Into the Night...

time flows

through all the days

and the endless nights

and in the pondering of tommorrow

I hold no fear

of things past

and times remembered

only to be forgotten

once again

in this life

or another

endlessly I float

surrounded by the knowing

and the forgetting

and the secrets of my fear

was it yesterday

I saw you

or will it be some other time

will you know me by my name

what does it mean

this year

this time

this me

somewhere inside

someone knows

that time is irrelevent here

Copyright (c) 2009


Lisa said...

yes, i wonder about that too- will you know me by my name- i think so xx

Michelle said...

Pod sisters forever...xx

Chrisy said...


Natalie said...

Well, only if the Alzheimer's doesn't start acting up.

Lovely words.xx

Renee said...

Michelle this is lovely. Your painting is gorgeous, I could look at it all day.

Love Renee

nollyposh said...

ohhhh i ~love~ that X:-)