Thursday, February 19, 2009

Number 19

Having decided to do Lisa's 52 Doorways I drew no: 19

Who do I attract into my life?

This is pretty funny really.

Right now I am attracting no one....

I do believe there is a reason for this though.

I don't have the time or the energy for newbies (or even oldbies) right now and obviously am shouting it out loud on an 'energetic' level.

Fine by me.

I also believe that like attracts like and that whatever state of being I have been in has attracted the same types to When I was a 'victim' I attracted abusers, when I was an addict I attracted similar types.

When I was searching I found teachers and other seekers.

When I had learned a lesson I attracted someone who needed me to show them how.

Now I am not searching I have attracted no one...hmmmm

Before this episode of my life began I attracted good friends and people who love me and hold me up when I am down.

On this blog I have attracted people who I admire and respect and who inspire me to do and be a better me.

Very interesting doorway....especially viewed from behind

I am confident that when this is over I will find myself surrounded by whatever it is that I need.

The universe works like that

If you let it


PS- Mums CT scan got done finally and she was okay.


Natalie said...

Re: mum ~ thank goodness.

Re: you ~ I often think about you, and where and what will be at a later time....
Just for the record,I hope to have a front row seat at the Michelle Show. I would be hoping to enter through the VIP door, as you are to me.xx

linda said...

this is lovely...I am happy for you!


Lisa said...

most excellent doorway work.
me x

Lisa said...

btw- great piccy of the pyke peepers

Michelle said...

Of course Nat, you have VIP tattooed on your forehead!!!



jewell said...

glad cat scan went ok xx

nollyposh said...

i agree X:-)

Renee said...

Wishing calm for you as I know that you and your Mom are suffering scanxiety right now.

Love Renee

Faith said...

So glad about the scan. What a relief that is done for now.

Very interesting doorway. I appreciate you sharing like this. I am hoping to start opening the doors as well:)

Debbie said...

I love your doorway description. And I am so happy about your mom's CT scan.

Natalie said...

Chelle, just save the award to your desktop. Then, in your blogger layout there is a picture widget for the side bar, load picture.
Then, link back to the person that gave you the award, and pass it on to ? people that you think write honestly, from the heart. xx

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

So glad to hear your mom's day went better!
As far as who we attract, etc. .I think you are so wise! It all makes sense to me now. Seriously, thank you!

Michelle said...

Excellent Darla! This is what I hope for, to help to make complicated seeming things simple, because they are. :0)

Jen said...

Excellent Doorway Michelle - You get the Diana Award this week!!!