Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My fantasy life

The Little Mermaid Dreaming Ariel Disney Fine Art Giclee by James Coleman

In my fantasy life I would have something really valuable and interesting to say here every day!

I would divide my time between doing amazing (and well selling) artwork and writing 'the' novel.

I would always have pertinent advice for my children and they would always heed my words and grow up to be very well adjusted and functional human beings.

I would be a caring and nurturing type person who had all the time in the world for you should you need me to be.....and never have anything more important to do other than listen to you.

I would be in a high paying job that only required me to attend the place of employment when my heart so desired.

I would own a beautiful home that reflected all of my loving qualities...

My pets would be so well trained they could make me breakfast and clean up their own messes.



Well, who's life is it then??



Renee said...

Seems to me that you already have most of that.

We live in our own house of words, so these wishes are very good.

I hope everyone is doing well Michelle.

How is your Mom?

Love Renee

Michelle said...

Hi Renee

Mum is terrified. And not feeling so good either. CAT scan tomorrow will tell us whats going on.....argh


Anonymous said...

Nothing is ever really ours is it...we only seem to borrow....and live on borrowed time? Maybe I need to renew my "borrowing card" like at the library...or at least get an extension.
Ditto on the artwork side...w.w.

Lisa said...

thinking about you and sandra p xx

Debbie said...

Somehow it never quite turns out like we imagine.
Love the Little Mermaid painting.

Natalie said...

All good ideas,love. Wouldn't that be nice ....Hmm.
It will be fabby again.xx

Jen said...

I agree with ALL of your fantasy life. If you find one can you get me one too???


Self-Proclaimed Mistress of Nothing said...

I see that your fantasy life and mine are quite similar! Well, not so much the trained pets unless they also clean up after themselves. :-)

I love the "never have anything more important to do than listen to you."

nollyposh said...

Lol! Keep the dream in your heart...
It's the only way Ariel gets her dreams to come true... Oh that and ~singing~ about it! X;-)