Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I would just like to clarify that with my last post I was not having a dig at anyone.

I would not do that.

I know how hard and long and painful the journey is.

I have walked that road and continue to do so.

I personally found it confusing and confounding and made it as complicated as possible for myself. I have hope that a word or two of mine may help something for someone 'click' into place somewhere along the way sometime. If not, it keeps me on my toes and makes me remember where I came from anyway.

My style of writing tends to be a bit tongue in cheek and I wont apologise for it.

I am WITH you not against you.




Lisa said...

ofcourse- the things that 'bite' in a post are usually what we need to look at.

Michelle said...

Of course.

That is the way of life.

Melora said...

It wasn't taken that way honey. From the things that were written I had to clarify myself. As I wrote I appreciate honesty and I have a feeling that of all the people you WILL pull my head in. I don't want people feeling obligated to get in line and add.
Love Heidi

Michelle said...

Yes. I can understand that.

However, sometimes it something that someone says that can trigger a huge breakthrough for us.

Other times they can just piss you off :)

Cyndy said...

It bothers me a bit that you think that you need to justify yourself and your writing, 'Chell. Taking on other people's stuff & all that.
But then again, that's what makes you... you.

On a brighter note, I don't know whether GG will recieve any money based upon Gov't benefits. She has never received any. But she certainly earns less than the ceiling... something wwill come her way, but Sboy will out of luck, I think, as he hasn't registered for anything, & instead exists upon his money from riding (and the benevolence of his parents). Thanks for the clarification. You are a wise woman.

Michelle said...

It bothered me too Cyndy but I dont intend to hurt so needed to say so....

Michelle said...
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Melora said...

I understand as I do the same thing. It can take just one word sometimes to hit that trigger. Like Cyndy said don't sensor yourself.