Wednesday, February 18, 2009

crappity fark

S'cuse me

Well, after much early awakening and fasting and driving and such

We get there

She drinks the contrast over an hour

goes in to the room

the nurse cant find a vein

the radiologist cant find a vein

my mother is dehydrated and no veins are playing today

so radiologist decides he will keep digging around in my mothers arms, yes plural, in eight seperate spots, now holes....

with his sharp needle scraping on bones in wrists and doing embroidery type stitches in elbow crooks without removing the needle

until the poor woman cries

and the nurse says enough

and they send her home

to come back tomorrow

to do it all again

after lots of water has been imbibed

and with the aid of an anaeths...ummm.....oh you know, the experts at needle sticking in people

I will punch radiologist if he touches her again


And she had to really push herself just to walk from the carpark to the rooms....about a 3 minute journey for us non sick people

I am thinking a wheelchair will be needed soon for anything such as shopping or walking further than the car to the house type thing....

This is not fun

Not at all

My poor poor little mother.

Feisty little wench she used to be....


Anonymous said...

How horrible...your poor mum..this is now the nasty degrading part of it all...when doctors just do cause they see them every day, lots of them and mum is your mum, a special persson to you....I am sorry for you both.w.w.

Lisa said...

poor little sandra p
and her daughter by befri
let me know if you need to cottage to hole up in for a few hours.....i will get you a key

Natalie said...

That is cruel. They did it to Bella when she was 3 months old (cat scan, etc.)I am sorry you both had to endure that torture.Poor little mum.
Sending big love as ever.xx

jewell said...

so sorry your mum had to go through's just sometimes the staff loss sight of the fact it's a human being that they are treating...

nasty man...

sending your mum and you calm healing thoughts

Hippy Witch said...

Poor Mum, haven't they learnt to be gentle yet. Love to you and your mum.

Myst_72 said...

Oh that's awful.

I can't imagine what possesses some people - why keep going and just hurting her.

I'm so sorry she had to go through that.


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

That is awful! I hope it goes much better next time.

Faith said...

How awful! I feel so much for you. To care for a parent so ill is so difficult. My father died of lung cancer just over a year ago -- it was a long illness, but my mother was the primary caregiver. I don't know how she managed the way she did. I am not sure I could do what you do.

I think you are amazing.

Your art work is so outstanding. I am going to have to come back and spend a lot more time looking at your blogs.

Thank you so much for your comments on my blogs.

Stay strong.

Hugs to both you and your mom,


Chrisy said...

Oh ur poor mum...and u having to watch...i read a book that u might be interested in...know i learned a lot from it....called 'Elder Rage: how to survive caring for aging parents' by Jacqueline Marcell lot of tips on dealing with medical staff plus much more...

Dave King said...

Sometimes they are so fixated on the treatment, they forget about the patient. Awful.

Debbie said...

Bless your poor mom. What torture. Here's hoping tomorrow will be better.

Renee said...

Michelle the tears I am in. The shivering I am having.

I know, and you are right, poor dear Mom.

It hurts and you just want the fucking thing done. And it hurts again. At least when they can get it in, it feels like you suffered for a reason. People don't know, you think it is just a needle. But it isn't. It is a million needles. They had to use my feet last year and I almost went through the roof.

Your poor Mom. Maybe she needs a blood transfusion? Ask them. I had 18 last year.

Otherwise, a wheelchair is a good idea, but be ready for tears when she has to go in one.

I am so sorry Michelle. Sorry for you and sorry for your Mom.

Love Renee

Renee said...

And you know what kills me 'the feisty little wench she used to be' I lived there once too.


Love Renee

Michelle said...

Renee, thank you for reading. I am sometimes in 2 minds about whether to post or not, I don't want to cause pain. But it is life isn't it, it is happening to people everywhere, and it is fucking hard to watch, let alone go through. I admire you for your honesty and your strength. And I am grateful for insights into how mum must be feeling.

Life can be a real shit at times...luckily there are other times in between to balance it all out....usually.

Love to you xxx

Renee said...

Michelle there are definitely good things too. Actually there are many more good than bad. But having our lives threatened or having our loved ones threatened (especially a Mom) are incredible tough.

I don't know how your Mom felt, but I know for me, even though I hated the needles, I wanted them not to stop trying because I wanted it in so bad so that I could just have the test and be done with it.

You are a beautiful woman and life is always worth it. For your Mom and I it is really hard because we don't want to leave you (our children) and I know that you (and my children) don't want to leave us.

Love Renee

nollyposh said...

i know that feeling... i tOO have had those pricks, ahem, needles... i got them to get the guy who actually knew what he was doing last time (the specialist)... and in it slipped like a dream...
We have to remember to let 'them' know what we need... we sometimes forget and end up suffering... i have crappy veins and so react to the dyes... i let them know now so they can make life easier for me (and them, they hate making people suffer too) X:-)

nollyposh said...

(((hugz))) for your mum x