Saturday, February 21, 2009


Some doodles by Shellibaby

Why was I up at 3.33 am?

Might have something to do with the hoons racing along the waterfront here .....GRRRRRRRRRR






Debbie said...

I hate being up in the middle of the night. It has been happening to me since I broke this rib.

Natalie said...

Mark and I up from 1.30 until 3.33 a.m with Baby - groan. Just missed you!

Lisa said...

poor angel- shelli has your talent- they are amazing
Lisa xx

Jen said...

Wow - Shellibaby's drawings are incredible!!! Love it

Sorry you cant sleep :S

Anonymous said...

Your daughter's doodles are AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Isnt it crazy to sell your offspring create???
I think it helps so much when you are into it for them to be inspired. My painting has really moved Aleks - I will pst a pic of the latest one that the she for her dad for his birthday. Its fabulous!!!w.w.

Michelle said...

Renata I think you were a bit excited then...hee hee xxx

Natalie said...

Hey! Where did those come from?

Tell Shelli they are great! Was that a picture of her the other day? If it was, then i am blown away, tell her I also said she is beautiful.xx

Faith said...

Doodles? Wow! These are beautiful works of art. The clock within the eye. I love that.

Hope you sleep well tonight.:)

Michelle said...

Yes it was Nats.

Me too Faith, me too.

The people next door have music going....I hope it isn't a party..aarrgghhh

Michelle said...

I will post more of her stuff one day, she does some wonderful artwork.

Would make good prints actually...hmmmmmmmm

Barry said...

I hate been wakened in the middle of the night. I share your grumble, bitch, moan!

Shellibaby's drawings are incredible, by the way! The girl has talent!