Monday, February 09, 2009

meme's and the letter B

Thanks to Jen, who is located here, for my letter, which is B.

If you would like to play, you have to list ten things that matter to you, starting with a letter that will be allocated to you. Leave me a comment if you want to play and I will allocate you a letter.


  1. B is for Beauty.....a small word to cover a universe full of such matter. Beauty to me is something that gives me pleasure and makes me feel. Not necessarily visual either. And it IS in the eye of the beholder indeed. Anything that makes me catch my breath and leaves me with that little 'pouf' of pleasure in my belly is beautiful.
  2. B is for Bollocks.....the world is full of it and sometimes it is amusing and other times incredibly perverse. All depends on the perception I guess...
  3. B is for Beasties.....the Beasties in my household give me much pleasure and also much frustration being that they are young. My children could be included here.....
  4. B is for Bowel Cancer.....the disease that is killing my mother. I could rave on for pages but I will only say, please get ANYTHING different in this area checked out if you notice it. Caught early enough, it CAN be cured.
  5. B is for Babies.....or Brats, which they do turn into eventually. However they are also Beautiful and sometimes ruin your Bladder and lead to you having to have Bits of yourself removed surgically in 5 weeks time........
  6. B is for Bushfires.....a catastrophic event in the lives of many of my fellow countrymen right now. Please send them a prayer right now!
  7. B is for B, the vitamin, of which many women do not get enough.
    Also B17 the controversial cancer therapy that my mother is taking in the hope that it will slow down the progress of her disease.
  8. B is for Bull headedness.....I suffer from this and maintain to this day that, though it causes me grief at times, it has also saved my life!
  9. B is for favourite colour. In all of it's many hues. I love Blue.
  10. B is for Brothers....of which I have 3. They would also come under the category of Brats and Beasties and Beautiful....
Thats that. B was quite hard actually.

Now for the meme, also courtesy of Jen......

Type into google your first name with the word 'needs' in inverted comma's after it
eg Michelle 'needs'....

My results = hahahahahaha

Michelle needs to pee......hilarious! As anyone who knows me will tell you...I certainly do, bring on the hysterectomy

Michelle needs to shut the f*%#k up! Ooooohhhhh....who did I offend?

Michelle needs every advantage possible to attain this goal. What goal?? I will take any advantage on offer though thanks...

Michelle needs a family that will be patient, consistent, kind, loving....excellent! Where do I get one????

Michelle needs your help.......Hmmmmm

Michelle needs to go poop in different languages....not touching this one!

Michelle needs a new hairstylist....why? I like my hair? Poo....oh, not going there, thats right.

Michelle needs to keep her legs closed....ummmmm




Jen said...

great lists Michelle!!!

Keep up the good work


Lisa said...

they are so funny .
i thought you had two brothers- who is the third ?
smooch xx

Natalie said...

Funny needs, good 'b' list for sure!xx

Or your fanny needs to appear on a good b list. Lol.xx For sure!

Michelle said... dad has another son to my step mother...his name is Jackson! After Mr Browne, of whom my father is also a great

Michelle said...

And Nat...if my fanny appeared on a Blist would that make me like Jessica Simpson?? Or some such drivel...