Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weepy Wednesday

I have discovered another worthy blog sister. Julie ann does gorgeous paintings and you should go take a peek at

I want one....

My gosh.....the sky is crying today

and its cold too

I hope they are getting some of this in Victoria!

The thunder is grumbling and the sky is dark, the office is dim and very quiet.

Have had a nutty kind of morning and am wishing it away quickly thankyou....

Its my little brothers birthday today....22 years old....and a celebratory meal is being had tonight.

The Wildchild (aka Shelli and/or Madam Slash) is feeling much better today and the soreness has gone from her throat... she wants to go to school tomorrow ......!!! She is bored.

Madgirl K has missed the bus broke down and we have no alternatives out here in the boondocks.....and the alarm did NOT go off this morning??? I must not have set it least it wasn't at 6.99. She says god does not want her to go to school obviously and is happily doing whatever she does at home now....

My poor little mum is getting more scared by the day with regards to the CAT scan coming up next week. She is not feeling well, nausea, has pain all through her belly, in particular the left hand side and her left knee and ankle keep swelling up. She sleeps many hours through the day.

I too am dreading it....I dont hate anything or one in this world. Except for cancer. I HATE cancer...

Browsing through blogs has been keeping me sane lately and this I am grateful for. There is a whole world full of fantastic writers and artists and just plain cool people out there to be discovered and Im loving it.

Many thanks to my friend's Lisa, who led me here in the first place and Natalie whose recent blogging escapades have led me further into blogland than I realised I could go.

Anyhoo, I am boring today so will go....

Hoping you all have a lovely one, whatever it is.



Lisa said...

i am worried about your mum too and Kayla may be right about the god/bus thing .
smooch xx
is friday still ok with you xx

Michelle said...

Friday is coooool.

Something to look forward to :0)

Renee said...

Michelle if you don't mind me asking, what kind of cancer does your Mom have and what stage is it?

I have stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer and I am not asking because I am curious, but I am asking because I care.

It is a bugger and around our cat scans I totally suffer from scanxiety. Your poor Mom, I know.

Love Renee