Monday, February 16, 2009

Driving Ms Crazy

Oh dear

Seems I forgot that it was raining on everybody elses house too

That means tenants

with leaky roofs

ringing me at sparrowfart to scream and have palpitations

why can people not just move things out of the way of water

put buckets and towels down

wait till 9am

and then ring me and abuse me??

Much more civilised as far as Im concerned

Am I supposed to go over in my PJ's and do it for them???

Am I now God and responsible for the heavens behaviour?

Do I have 24 hour access to tradespeople?

Am I a roofer??


It IS raining people and has been for many days now

I know because MY HOUSE IS WET TOOOOOOOOO......



Lisa said...

how rude......
I have husband home..
wings are clipped.....
bosh x

Anonymous said...

It must be "complaining day"...w.w.

Natalie said...

Wet tennants should just be shot before 9a.m. That oughta dampen their spirits! Mwa.ha,ha,ha.

Debbie said...

You mean you don't have some repairmen just sitting around waiting to spring into action? How odd:)

nollyposh said...

Now what you could do build a big pipe line and head down south...