Thursday, February 05, 2009

Da da dum

I have stolen Renata's idea and started a new blog just for artwork.

Look Here

It needs some work and Ive just whacked a few on there for now but it looks better than the silly piczo one I think

Hmmmm, will have to search out the image files.....aaarrrggghhh

Hee hee


Lisa said...

whoo hoo !!!!

Lisa said...

go and have a look at her art work shell- this girl is amazing !

Anonymous said...

I know Vesna - she is a student of my art teacher...
and you.....are a blog idea stealer!!!!!!!! he..he...

I love it - it is so colourful and vibrant!Keep doing more , your art is inspirational.w.w.

carlikup said...

Good for you ~ I absolutely love your art!

Thanks for stopping by my blog ~ and, "it's okay", no offense taken ... hee hee hee :0)