Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday!

To my beautiful Kayla.

The sweetest most funniest daughter I have.

Swan Princess extraordinaire.

There can only be one of you!!

17 years old today!


(Yes, that is exes baby Noah.....frowning just like his dad)


Jen said...


She is a lot like you Michelle, I actually thought these were photos of you when you were younger at first, then I realised they are not in black and white or sepia... kidding ha ha ha

Hope she has as good a day as it gets!!


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday! beautiful Kayla. You look very growed♥

Lisa said...

god, she is classic beauty and her EYE's !!!!!!!
re- the signature- go click on mine and it takes you to the site- easier than a witch at beltaine !!!
smooch- see you soon xx

Cynthia said...

How proud you must be...lovely girl! <3

nollyposh said...

She's luverley X:-) (Lol! Funny little bubby comment!)

jewell said...

Happy Birthday...hope you have a good one xx

Anonymous said...

Michelle, she is gorgeous! Happy Birthday to her!

Renee said...

Happy Birthday Kayla.

Michelle, Kayla is so beautiful, she looks like a painting.

I cannot believe you sold two houses with what is going on. I guess it is that old adage, put one foot in front on another.

You took the words literally out of my mouth. If I was a 50s housewife I would have killed myself too.


Michelle said...

One day I will paint all 3 of my