Friday, February 06, 2009

a date??

Well, I have a date

I am to have my bits taken out on the 16th of March

2 days after my birthday :0(

Better than on my birthday I guess

It is my fault anyway as I rang them today to explain the situation re care of mum and needing notice now in order to organise slaves etc and the lovely lady went and stuck me in the schedule on the first available date that wasnt taken up by people with huge problems.

This is good and I am pleased because I have a feeling that any later than March and I would be postponing for a while....

so, all good I guess

one month ish to get stomach muscles limbered up (hah) and try to lose a bit of flab as I will be inactive for several weeks after it I think (like Im not now??)

Wont be running any marathons anyway.....( like I do now?)

The doctor said I will be in hospital for about 4 days and then not allowed to lift anything or do much or drive for 2 weeks after and then still take it easy for several weeks after that. Its a partial hysterectomy so I assume its a bit easier than having ALL the bits whipped out???

Any input would be appreciated...

In an ycase, between sister and Tahni and Darlin I should be ok

My drivewayfromhell concerns me a bit....may get a 'draggerupthedriveway' slave too hmmmm, Chandi does that now so I will make a harness.....

Im sure it will be fine

And I will get some bludge time

Shame I'll be drugged to the eyeballs whilst bludging though

Having it at Belmont as the waiting list is better there, mums friend had one there last year and she said they were great, and I had the hysteroscopy there and it was all good too.

Oh well

Thats that then

Done deal now




Myst_72 said...

Good to have some time to prepare.

It used to be no driving etc for 6 weeks, so two weeks and a bit more sounds better.

I have a friend that had hers done 'the new way' and she says it's the best thing she ever did.

Hope you feel the same too after it's all settled down, and you can organise plenty of help.


Rylah/Jacqui said...

Good luck then. Will be thinking of you. Hope everything goes okay.
At least you have a date - you can start planning now.

Michelle said...

The 'new way' is through the vag...not for me Im afraid, its probably too big...pooooo

Myst_72 said...

Yep, that's what she had.

Wasn't sure how to put it - he he!


Anonymous said...

All will be well.w.w.

Tania said...

Will be thinking of you and sending good thoughts :)

I'm glad you've got lots of people who can help you, it will be so beneficial to your recovery :)


Lisa said...

a date.
most excellent.
belmont is good too
i will visit ofcourse xx

Natalie said...

Yell if you need me, Chelle.
Hey, that rhymes. xx

Michelle said...

I will try not to vomit on visitors I promise....

jewell said...

good to know you now have date...will be sending love and healing all the time to you xxx