Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tiresome Tuesday


Today is a blah day

Have had blood tests done for Shellichild

3 days for results


It seems I am not meant to be getting up early anymore

The clocks have conspired...

My 400 year old alarm clock that was nearly cracked in half once upon a time, when I bonked ex husband over the head with it one day, finally gave up the ghost yesterday, once and for all.

It did so with a quiet whimper.

Consequently I didn't get up till 7 and therefore K missed the school bus and a shiny brand new clock was purchased in order for this to not happen again.....

This morning at 6.99 the alarm did not go off......

yes, that's right


Hmmmm.......a clock from another planet I obviously did purchase!

I was awake at 5 however, as small animals were on the ball with scratching and meowing and some very loud birds also chimed in to make sure K got to school on time today....

So, another clock has been purchased and I will take the other one back to the interplanetary clock shop, located on Platform 9 and a three quarters, next to Aisle 5 and a half in Coles, tomorrow.

Are you confused yet?

Me too....

Looking forward to Wednesday, today is a lost cause

Ho hum

AND just got a phone call from the doctors ( 3days??) and it IS Glandular Fever.....FRIK



jewell said...

oh no...i had GF when i was about 20....only thuin ghtat helped me was rest and herbs.....go toa good herbalist and get some immune strenghting tonic (wish i could speel...but you know what i mean)

Lisa said...

oh sweet- I am coming up friday- hold your breakdown til then- i like to watch........I'll be there at 11.99--- that is so funny !!!!

Myst_72 said...



Here if you need me.

Just plenty of rest for her - no pushing herself whatsoever!


Myst_72 said...

What often happens is that she can recover, then go downhill rapidly, like it's come back....some sort of pattern with it I read

So she will need to take it easy for a while.


Chrisy said...

re the gf well at least u know now...he really needs to make a commitment to lookin after himself...and bein happy of course...re the clock...best of luck in the mornin!

Cyndy said...

Weird clock.......

GF is extremely common amongst teenagers. I know quite a few that have been struggling with it. Good & not so good days ahead, most likely. Just a thought: it might be worthwhile getting her boyfriend checked out too. She's going to be at risk of catching just about everything that's going around.

hmm..... ;0) xoxox

Renee said...

First off, I saw your profile picture and you are drop dead gorgeous.

Second, your work is amazing and comforting in the same way. Talent.

Third, I just met Lisa and no wonder she is your best friend. What an amazing woman.

Fourth, I love your blog an this post with the Harry Potter reference was awesome.



Lisa said...

yes, you are gorgeous - havent i been telling you that every nano second since the pod landed ?

sending love and LOVING that your artwork is getting noticed as it should
later befri xx

Michelle said...


Thanks guys