Monday, November 16, 2009

Almost naked and all that....


almost a whole 24 hours of sanity has prevailed.....I think I am over it!


*wipes brow* (does not spit)

This has been a wild ride of a week on Michelle's emotional roller coaster.....

Just in case anyone got the wrong idea last post, I AM NOT EVER going anywhere with ex, be it lunch, home or camping.

That is that.

Why ask for the same trouble twice?

Did I just say that?


Well, I mean it.

Right now I am watching lightening over the water is night time and raining a little after a stinking hot day. The breeze is cool and beautiful!

I am so looking forward to Sunday.

Just 3 days please gods!

Not much of an ask?

I have started a new painting, she is very bare bare bones right now but waiting for something.

Bit like me really :)

I wish I was a bit more boney.....I am still rather 'well covered' in spite of my daily grind on the treadmill and stuff.

Maybe I don't wobble quite as much though!

Do you think wobble is okay? Shall I embrace my wobble???

How about cellulite? Frik!

Bodies are funny things. I mean, I am not overly huge, but I feel like an elephant sometimes. Particularly at the beach, of course. Thing is though, I am actually not one of those tiny people and am a 43 year old mother of four and not a 20 year old of course I will have bits that I'd rather not have. Trick for me is to see them as badges of honour I guess, instead of war wounds? Yeah right!


The other day I just stuffed my ipod in my bra-thing went for a walk along the damn beach in my bikini and screw what anyone thought.....I did wear a hat though!

If that jangly dangly old lady could do it then so could I!

Embracing my self......wobble and all.....



Kathryn Magendie said...

YES! I'm glad you walked the beach without a care - *smiling*

This post sounds hopeful today

smiles4u said...

I love how you are embracing yourself. Good for you! Something we all need to do.

Bagman and Butler said...

Absolutely embrace your wobble! Fashion magazines have screwed up our psyches terribly. You are fine just as you are...even though the three of us have never seen you except for your mona lisa smile. There should be a book: "Embrace the Wobble." Its a good title because it could be about almost anything.

christopher said...

When 64 looks at 43 even remotely in bikini shape which you obviously are, steam rises from overheated brain. I can imagine you, have seen plenty mature body shapes. To me there is nothing wrong but I ask

"Will you still love me when I'm 64?"

Just had a birthday, me.

Sorry I haven't been posting, but my back is killing me and all enthusiasm has fled.

Lisa said...

mop the yo-yo- fair dinkum Shell, you are as bad as me- up down up wonder we are friends xx