Friday, November 13, 2009

Don't touch me like that unless you mean it.....

Today I work

Tomorrow I work

Next week I can have some time off work, and no doubt my mother will return

This weekend I want to sort a little bit of stuff out for my own peace of mind

While I have the chance........

To figure out if I can handle this waiting game and what it is that I actually want

I would really really like some peace of mind that lasts for longer than three minutes here

I don't like being confused and uncertain
I am not asking for much

What do I want??

I want a little island of peace to row to sometimes

What the fuck is wrong with that?
I have been so unhappy today that I am forced to take a good long look at me.
Week after next I am going away, I am going to sit on a beach, and I am going to think and feel and sort out my head.
I will figure out how to row my own boat.
I bloody well will!
Watch this space!


Bagman and Butler said...

There is nothing wrong with a little island of peace. I'm not sure why you even had to ask the question? Sometimes so many people confuse us and take away our peace for so long that even when they stop, we continue doing it out of habit. And of course, "Just say no," works about as well with this as with drugs. But frankly, my dear, I think you are doing better than you might think.

Lisa said...

you wont find it outside unless you find it inside.................groan.......

Bogey said...

So uh, stick the paddle in the water and paddle already!
Stroke 1-2-3, stroke 1-2-3.....

Cyndy said...

I know it sounds trite, Michelle, but looking outside yourself for your island of peace is futile: it comes from within you. But you know that already: you're too busy putting your head in the way looking for anwers and seeking them from others.
Take a very, very deep breath Honey....

Love you xoxoxoxo

Michelle said...

I know this. I KNOW IT! I am having trouble doing it however. A LOT OF TROUBLE!