Saturday, November 07, 2009

Going out of my house/mind

This afternoon I was feeling a bit manic and rather self destructive

I wanted to muck up and act out big time

By ten to four I was on a roll......somewhere

So, I jumped in the shower and got dressed

Hopped in the car and went awol

I had to leave the house and driving felt good, in fact I didn't want to stop

I wanted to drive and drive and drive until I got somewhere where I wasn't anymore


I went to two meetings tonight, back to back NA and AA

Now I remember ......

I also went to the beach and visited with a very large tree

I don't seem to be able to ground myself very well right now

tomorrow will be interesting


1 comment:

Bogey said...

Knowing what you need to do is half the battle and you did what you needed to do. If necessary, hold onto the tree and use the strength of it's roots until you grow your own. I'm sure it won't mind.