Monday, November 30, 2009

I spy with my big fat I....

I have been out and heard what I needed to hear tonight

I have been out to dinner also........

and for coffee too

I have been hugged

I have spent 3 hours today trying to be organised for one night in town

I have done a last minute chemist run that made me late despite a 3 hour planning.....

I have got a new local (as in lives across the street from mum) doctor (yipee!) and palliative care meds etc sorted for now

I have worked

I have been rained on and frozen my arse off in this stupid weather tonight

I have month end tomorrow :(

I am tired

I am very self centered lately

I need to change this


am grateful for small things today

like heating in the car

and high beam lights

and windscreen wipers that work

and you

yep, all of you


smiles4u said...

You have been busy. Isn't it wild how our view of things change when our perspecitives are put in order? You are right, we miss the good things when our eyes are focused on "I". XX Lori

Renee said...

Okay Michelle you know I never think you would exaggerate, but freezing your ass off in Australia. Did you forget I live in snowy Canada.

Love Renee xoxo

Renee said...

ha ha ha


Sarah Lulu said...

*hugs* ....