Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just so you know........

I am feeling very much more myself now

I hope that stays around for a while :)

Am kissing goodbye to couple of dreams today I think, damn it

I don't really know how to do this stuff, I just do my best

I tell the truth

MY truth

ALL of the time

I made a deal with me once to do that, it saves my life and I recommend it to anyone

Lies, mine or yours, are too hard to keep up with and do my fucking head right in

If I say something to you, you can be pretty damn sure I mean it

From my heart...
I appreciate the same in return, demand it even....

If you don't like it or it scares you that is really not my problem, it's yours

Today I am going into town to the beach

Tomorrow I am driving up the coast a little to Jimmy's Beach

I am looking forward to sand and water and sun

That's all I dare to think about right now

Just for today I am taking care of me

It's all I can do....


Lisa said...

my girl !!!

Bogey said...

Michelle, everything I want to say.....I can't. For no other reason than, this is 'your house', for which I respect and admire greatly. All what I see and what I have read, has forced me to look into my own mirror and realize a great void which I have neglected. Although I have no immediate desire to fill it in just yet, I can no longer pretend that it is not there. Thanks for the eye-opener.

linda said...

my wish for you is a lovely weekend filled with beautiful silence and the company of only you.... you are your own best friend.

take care dear one, I hope for you some peace of mind and a little bit of fun thrown into the mix, just to make life interesting.