Thursday, November 19, 2009


"This created some interesting dynamics. Instead of feeling great, for some, it created a massive opening. And when we experience a massive opening, it can create all sorts of wild and crazy feelings, experiences, and emotions. Being that we were already at a new and higher level of residency, going even higher through the portal was equivalent to having experiences many of us had not had for a good ten years.

When we open and expand, we often feel a terrible darkness which is almost unmanageable. Depression, deep emotional pain, massive darkness, and even suicidal tendencies can be felt by those who are unusually sensitive."

Karen Bishop

As usual this lady has told my story 5 minutes after I have lived it and now it all makes sense.




Bogey said...

I second that! There is nothing like running the gamut of emotions when you release the hounds from hell. It's like somebody pulled the plug on emotional control and you are spinning uncontrollably down the drain.

Lately, I get the sense that you have come thru to the other side and are heading for shore. Keep on swimming. ;)

Sarah Lulu said...

*waving* ... me too.

nollyposh said...

Yes! phew! X:-)

christopher said...

And, my friend, my love, as I very well know right this moment, the resistance can manifest physically as well, quite naturally. When it doesn't kill you (which means every time but the last one) arrival does not mean the end to the journey, rather more like the climax of the latest movement in the symphony.

The conductor says, "Cowboy up, cupcake."

I say, "Yee Haw!"

There is no freaking way to know what it all means. There is no freaking way it doesn't mean something really deep.